Wednesday, 8 January 2014

#WIAW - Vegan Challenge Update

So I am on Day 10 of my vegan challenge and I thought I would give you all an update for WIAW. I am battling a cold at the moment, but otherwise I am feeling pretty good. I won't lie to you though, eating out this past weekend was a struggle.

On Friday night we had made plans to have a double date with a couple of friends. We had settled on Fresh - a delicious, local, vegetarian restaurant, also known for their vegan-friendly options. But when we arrived Friday night the restaurant was closed because of a burst pipe. DANG IT! This silly Canadian Polar Vortex strikes again! So we opted to head to a Thai food place instead. They had lots of vegetarian options and I opted for the Veggie Red Thai Curry. It was delicious, but I am not 100% convinced it did not contain fish sauce. It wasn't listed on the menu, and was flagged as a vegetarian option, but in the interest of full disclosure... Confession: I may or may not have ingested a small amount of fish sauce on my vegan adventure.

Saturday was really no better. My sister was flying back to Halifax after the holidays, so we met for brunch before she caught her plane. Ummmm FYI: Brunch as a Vegan is TOTALLY LAME! Everything either is eggs or has eggs in it. SIGH! Eggs has actually been one of the hardest things to give up. With my tummy troubles over the summer, eggs have become a huge staple for me because they are protein packed but easy to digest. So being vegan meant the brunch menu was pretty much off limits for me. I thought about just getting a salad, but even all of those had meat and cheese. So I ended up with veggie pasta at 10:30am...not my first choice. Especially when surrounded by so many delicious looking pancakes!
In other words, this week I learned that eating out as a Vegan is very tricky. It is hard to guarantee exactly how your dishes are prepared, and the menu options are limited. I admittedly don't eat out a ton, but this is definitely a negative point for the vegan lifestyle long term. I just found it stressful. But we are only 10 days in, so we shall see.

Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,