Wednesday, 1 January 2014

#WIAW - 2014 and a 30-Day Vegan Challenge

So the Toronto Ice Storm really did a number on my regular routine. The roads were too treacherous for my regular long training runs. I had no Internet to keep up with my Instagram and Blogging obsession. And we were without power and heat. So in other words I had a lot of extra time to hunker down under the covers with a good book and to plot my next great adventure. 

I revisited a few of my favourite Runspirational Reads and noticed a trend - quite a few of my favourite endurance athletes are Vegan. Scott Jurek, Brendan Brazier, and Rich Roll are the first that come to mind. They are all plant powered, fast, and tackling serious distances including Ultra Racing and Ironmans. Which got me thinking about the year ahead, my next big adventure, and the best way to get my body ready to tackle 70.3 miles.

I have always been drawn to a plant-based lifestyle. I was a vegetarian for over 6 years. And I briefly attempted to go vegan after reading Brendan Brazier's Thrive way back in the day. But I think from a nutrition standpoint I just was not at a place where I could prep and execute the vegan lifestyle properly. I had a meltdown over seed burgers about 6 days in, and have yet to attempt vegan-ism since.

But this year I have learned a lot about nutrition and I think I am in a very different place with my diet now than I was then. My tummy troubles this year and my work with my nutritionist have really increased my food knowledge and awareness. I have also learned a lot about fueling, creating nutrient dense meals, and the benefits of clean eating. (*Especially as a way to manage the symptoms brought on by my hiatal hernia*). So I have decided I am finally in a place where I could actually execute this properly.

I have some seriously lofty goals for 2014...
- Run my 1st Ironman 70.3 and finish 6:30 or better
- Run my 3rd Marathon
- Run a sub-2hr Half Marathon

All of which require a healthy body and proper fueling. I want to train harder, push further, and go longer than I ever have before. So I want to make sure I am giving my body all that it needs to power through my training sessions. Which is why I have decided to take a 30-day Vegan Challenge...well technically a 34 day Challenge.

I started this challenge on Monday, because Monday always seems like a good day to start something new. And I am planning to be all about the Plants and Greens for the rest of January. I initially wanted to announce that I was going Vegan for 2014, but to be totally honest I panicked. I had flashbacks to my seed burger meltdown and I questioned how I would feel with this new diet with all my training - so I thought I should at least test the waters first. Which is what the next 31 days are all about. I will be posting my daily eats on Instagram if you are curious and want to follow along. Also feel free to join the fun. Tag me on facebook, twitter, and instagram and we can go Vegan together!

At the end of January (barring any major seed meltdowns) I will see how I feel and assess the plan for the rest of 2014! This little fail might be going vegan this year?! Time will tell!

Any big resolutions happening in your neck of the woods? What are your goals for 2014?

Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,