Monday, 27 January 2014

#Bestfoot Link Up + The Long Game

This week I am linking up with Amanda from Run to the Finish and Erica from The Sweet Life for the #Bestfoot Link Up. We are going to be hashtagging #Bestfoot like crazy on Instagram and Twitter, and we are also going to be linking up every Monday to share our training, our triumphs, and stay accountable.

Admittedly, I have been battling some serious self-doubt and a whole lot of negative self-talk to start the new year. I have big plans, lofty goals, and I was expecting big changes. So when I spent the first weeks struggling with a nasty cold, poor weather conditions, and adjusting to my new heavier multi-sport training load - I got down on myself.

I started to question if I was strong enough or disciplined enough to make this half ironman happen. I berated myself for my poor work ethic and my lack of drive. I started comparing my training and my ability to others, and questioning if I could measure up. I was angry at myself for allowing excuses like a cold, a new job, and the weather derail my training. And I was frustrated with my lack of progress.

After a few frustrating weeks, I had long heart to heart with my coach. She asked me to pause, relax, and rethink. We are focused on The Long Game. The training schedule I am tackling is actually over 10 months. So I cannot sweat every single detail. I was feeling defeated after one hard run. I was stressing over one less than stellar week. Over the course of my training those days are gonna happen.

Training is going to ebb and flow. But you have to focus on progress not perfection. And progress takes time. Progress means that you tough out those bad days, dust yourself off, and keep going. You put your #Bestfoot forward each and every day, even when those days are kind of tough!

Here is how last week's training went...

Monday: 75 minute Hot Yoga Class.
My back needed a serious stretch and it was the perfect way to beat the cold.
Tuesday: 9km Tempo Run with my Run Club.
2km warm-up, 5km at 5:15-5:35km/pace, and 2 km cool-down.
Wednesday - Rest Day.
I had a long day scheduled at work, so the workout was not happening.
Thursday - 8km Treadmill Run at a steady 6:00km/pace
Friday - 60 Ride and 20 minute core/weight training session.
Did 60 minutes on my Indoor Bike Trainer in the Big Gears, and then worked on my core and upper body.
Saturday - Rest Day
Sunday - Robbie Burns 8km 
I finished 45:47. Full race recap coming soon!