Thursday, 23 January 2014

An Impromptu Race and A Kick in the Pants

So kind of unexpectedly and rather last minute I got a bib for the Robbie Burns 8km in Burlington this Sunday. And I think this just might be the kick in the pants I need.

I was not planning on racing this soon in the new year, but I have been struggling to find my training mojo this winter. I was sick at the beginning of the month, and the weather has been straight up ridiculous! The temperature was a whopping -26C again this week, and I needed approximately 3 layers of everything to brave the streets with my run club on Tuesday. Plus the combination of the snow and ice have really been doing a number on my back. This whole Polar Vortex has really killing my vibe.

So I think this race will be a great way to check in, and give me some much needed training perspective. I have been running consisently over holidays and into the New Year, but I have not exactly been training.

We are super serious hardcore athletes
This past Tuesday was the first time in months that I have done any speed work. In part because the weather and road conditions have been seriously lack luster, and I was trying to avoid breaking an ankle. And in part because all my races and events seemed far away, so I was coasting. Luckily training with my Run Club has helped get me working again, despite these ridiculous temperatures. Having a group of equally crazy people willing to slog it out in this weather has made my workouts more bearable. And it also helped remind me that I need to get my butt back into gear, even if this weather makes me cranky.

I know I have a lot of work to do to hit all my goals for 2014 so this race will be a good indicator of where I stand and where I need to go. I think it would be realistic finish 45:00 minutes or better, so that is what I am aiming for, emphasis on the better. One of my goals this year is to work on increasing my speed and strength, so this race will give me a solid jumping off point. I have not raced since my Marathon in November so this will be great way to see where my fitness stands and assess where I need to go from here.

EEEEP! Wish me luck!
Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,