Sunday, 19 January 2014

14 Goals for 2014

So I am a little late to the resolution-party. But I figure it is still January, so it is still perfectly acceptable to post my long lengthy list of goals for 2014. And as plot-twist, I happen to have 14 of them. Uh, fancy that?!

Since there are a lot of goals, I decided to break them down into 4 categories - Health and Wellness, School and Work, Home Life, and Personal Development. This post admittedly got a little out of hand, so feel free to skim/ just look at the highlights.

Health and Wellness
1. Finish my first 70.3
This is my big health and wellness goal this year. I will be racing the Ironman 70.3 Muskoka on September 7th. I realize I have lots of time to train, but 70.3 is a long way! And I am hoping to finished in 6:30 or better.

2. Run a sub-2 Half Marathon
This goal ties into my first goal. I have always been an endurance junkie, but I am not exactly a speed demon. In order to be able to make my half ironman time goal a reality I am going to need to get stronger and faster. I ran scotiabank half last year in 2:10:43 without racing, so I hoping to squeak closer and closer to the 2 hour mark as the season progresses. I will gladly accept 1:59:59.

3. Run Marathon #3
So originally another marathon was not on my radar for this year, but I was asked to run as a Digital Champion for Canadian Run Series. And I just couldn't pass up the opportunity. I am looking forward to going back to the course where I ran my first marathon, and finally crossing that finish line happy, healthy, and strong.

4. Practice more Yoga 
Yoga has always had a special place it my heart, it is actually what helped me get back into fitness after my first set of medical misadventures. But this summer has reminded me how healing and restorative my practice is, something I definitely needed in 2013. So my goal is to try to incorporate yoga more regularly into my training plan as a way to balance, focus, and de-stress.

5. Eat Well
I feel like I learned a lot of nutrition and fueling in 2013, and I am still just trying to muddle it all out. It is definitely something I want to continue to focus on. Food is a huge part of the training puzzle, so I want to try to continue to try to figure out what works for me. (*With room for a few treat of course! Hello post-race Chicken Wings!*)

School and Work
6. Finish my Psychology Degree
This has been long been a labor of love and sacrifice. And I am so incredibly close to having this little piece of paper in my hand, so this year I will finalize all the requirements for my degree and officially graduate.

7. Go Back To Work  Full-Time
So as you know, this has already happened. And I could not be more excited about the journey life has taken me on. I left my full-time job shortly after my double mastectomy to fast-track my academic plans, not knowing all that 2013 had in store for me. I have been working 2, sometimes 3 part-time jobs, and busting my booty to make it all work. But with my degree in its final stages, it was time to get back to work and restore the balance.

Home Life
8. Go on Vacation
So if ever I have felt I have earned a vacation, it is now! The hubby and I have agreed that before we take the plunge into home-ownership and parenthood, we could use a year that is just ours. And "our year" includes a romantic European vacation. Destination still not 100% decided, but the vaca is happening!

9. Be a Better Wife and Partner
Now I know what you are thinking with this one, but it is true. I wish I could tell you all that through all the ups and downs of the last 2 year - I have been a glowing beacon of strength and general amazing-ness. But that would be one enormous lie. Granted it is not for lack of trying. But I have been in survival-mode, battling a whole lot of stress and grief. Meaning that I have not always had the time or the patience to be able to show my hubby how much I appreciate him. It is something that has weighed heavy on my mind in 2013, and something I definitely plan to change in 2014.

10. Save for a House
So this is really a goal for late 2015, but I want to work on putting together a little nest egg to make this dream a reality in the not so distant future.

11. Spend more time with Friends and Family
Because of my crazy schedule over the past few years, this has been a struggle. I worked a lot of nights. I also often worked anywhere from 40-60 hours with night class and papers to boot. My overly ambitious schedule has meant that I have had to sacrifice a lot of my down time. And often left me guilt-riddled and stressed when I did try to find the time. So this year one of big goals is learning how to slow down and make lots of time for all of the people that I love.

Growth and Development

12. Be Present
This is not something I am good at. More often than not, I bite off more than I chew - which means I am usually running around like a chicken with its head cut off multitasking up a storm. I am constantly worrying about the next task on my to-do list, rather than just enjoying the moment. This year I am going to learn how to embrace the moment

13. Accept Progress not Perfection
It is no secret that I have seriously strong Type-A tendencies. But it is exactly that voice that rings loud and proud in my ear expecting more - always more. I have made a lot of progress in this department. And slowly, ever so slowly, I am starting to accept that not everything can be perfect and under control at all times. That being said, the voice is still there. I still battle those negative words on a semi-regular basis. So this year I working on embracing progress without expecting perfection.

14. Unplug More
I am pretty obsessed with my phone. It is generally glued to my hand. I am constantly snapping pictures, liking things on instagram, answering emails, reading blogs, and the like. I know that it can drive my family nuts. So I am going to work on unplugging more often. Some days instagram and emails will have to wait.

So those are my goals - in an extremely long winded fashion.
What are your goals for 2014?
Love you Favourite Darwinian Fail,