Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Triathlon Talk - Week 1

While I admittedly have spent the last month-ish resting, I have also been planning my next great adventure.

As a kid growing up in the country we did not have cable TV. We spent the better part of my life rocking the antenna, which meant we literally got anywhere from 2-6 channels depending on how windy it was that day. Which is how I am guessing I am ended up watching the Ironman World Championship in Kona for the first time oh-so-long-ago. But with that very first telecast I was absolutely inspired and hooked. And I have watched it every year since. The lure of that kind of disciple and that kind of determination has always had a hold over me. And there is just something about completing that kind of distance that says Anything is Possible.

It is a secret (**not so secret**) dream of mine to one day be able to say that "I am an Ironman". And after dipping my toe in the triathlon arena this year, I am ready to move one step closer to my Ironman Dream. In 2014 I want to complete my first Half Ironman. Aka 70.3 miles of Swimming, Biking, and Running. And I would love to finish sub-6:30. I am excited and I am also slightly terrified. I will be training to complete...

2 km Swim
90 km Bike
21.1 km Run

Gulp! Just looking at those numbers proves daunting...But I am going for it! This week I have officially started training, picked a race, and got myself my very own bike! Let's break it down shall we...

Last year I met my run coach - Michelle - and I had an absolutely amazing time training with her. She has become an close friend, and she was a huge source of support when the going got tough last year. Probably because she is even crazier than I am, she has agreed to whop my body into Ironman shape and train me for this event. We started this week, and the 2-a-days are daunting, but I am ready to get back at it.

For a while I was leaning toward the Ironman 70.3 Muskoka event. Mostly because I really wanted to do an Ironman branded event, and that one seemed to make the most sense logistically. But after speaking to a bunch of my triathlon buddies about my plan, I started to rethink things a bit. Everyone warned me that the bike course is brutal. And the bike is my weakest discipline by far, especially hills, as I learned during the bike portion of the Women's Triathlon in August. They also mentioned that the 90km bike portion is actually more like 96km. Which might not sound like much, but when you have a half marathon to do after that...you can see how it is not super appealing.

It turns out Multisport Canada is organizing new 70.3 race - The Niagara Falls Half Iron on September 21st. Time-wise this date is ideal because it gives me all summer to train and get a few different triathlon events under my belt before I tackle this huge distance. It looks like a gorgeous course, and the grade looks about 1000x more manageable. It also makes the most sense logistically, since my mom lives about 20 minutes from the Start Line. It seems to be the better option all around, especially for my very first 70.3. So this is it! Race officially chosen!

Last year the lovely Christina (aka the athletarian) was sweet enough to let me borrow her bike for the entire summer! But with the bike being my weakest area, I knew I needed to invest in my own and start training over the winter.

I had been eye-ing the Scott Speedster 45 at the local bike shop near my Mom's house. So she and my hubby teamed up for my Birthday/Christmas gift this year and got it for me! Can you tell I am excited! It is so pretty! I also got shoes, clips, pedals, and gloves! BEST. BIRTHDAY. EVER.

It is, however, a little chilly and snowy here in Canada right now. So I knew I was going to need an indoor trainer if I wanted to be able to put my new bike to use. Thank goodness for Kijiji, because I was able to find one for just $40! HURRAY!

So that's it! Coach - Check! Race - Check! Bike - Check! Now it is just time to train my freaking butt off!
Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,