Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Birthday @PolarGlobal LOOP Giveaway!

Okay I just can't wait!! This GIVEAWAY is just too good!

Funny Story: When I was just 16, shortly after getting my drivers license, my girlfriends and I drove to near by Niagara Falls one Friday Night to see a psychic. Kind of random, but it was just girlie fun, so why not?

She told me that fitness was going to be a big part of my life, specifically running - at that point and time I was not exactly a health nut and I pretty much avoided running like the plague. So I figured she was making assumptions based on my cozy sweatpants. She also told me that I would struggle medically, specifically something heart-related. This was pre-diagnosis so I just shrugged it off and rolled with it. And she said, that while I would live a long happy life, my twenties would be tumultuous and I would struggle on and off with illness and medical setbacks. We left that night laughing and comparing our future predictions.

But over the past few years I have often thought back to that reading. You gotta admit she has been eerily on point so far?! So with that in mind, I am not exactly sad that it is my Birthday, and heading into my final year as a twenty-something.

28 was not exactly a stellar year. So even though I fear I may need Botox at any moment (kidding... kind of...) I am actually looking forward to 29 and the promise of a new year. 2013 broke me, but 2014 is all about rebuilding. With my Health and Heart Health at the forefront. So I want to celebrate this new year by sharing one of my favourite fitness gadgets with one of you.

I have been testing out Polar's new activity monitor for the past few weeks, and it is an amazing way to help ensure fitness becomes part of your everyday. It let's you track your activity level, your steps, your calories, and even your sleep - all to help you make improvements and lead your HEALTHIEST life.

Key Features:
  • Intelligently measures activity, taking into account an individual's gender and age
  • Accurately tracks 5 different levels of activity, sp that it can distinguish between gentle walking and running
  • Provides guidance on how to complete daily activities targets
  • Waterproof
  • Step Counter
  • Calorie Counter
This is the perfect way to ensure you stay healthy over the holidays. You can ensure you get enough sleep during the usual sleep deprived holiday season! And you can enjoy those gingerbread cookies happily knowing that you hit your activity goal! Small changes make a big difference! So enter below for your chance to WIN your very own Polar Loop and make 2014 your healthiest year ever!

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