Thursday, 28 November 2013

Changing things up with CircuitFit

Race Season and Marathon Training provide amazing workout inspiration. They keep you going on those mornings that you would rather spend in bed. A race helps you keep you focused when a reality TV marathon sounds more appealing than actually running one. Those races always give me an unlimited supply of Workout Mojo. You can’t exactly skip that workout when you have new distances to hit. You can’t cut your speed session short when you have a time goal. But I must confess, with no races scheduled for the duration of 2013, I have been lacking motivation. 

I needed a change – maybe even a gentle nudge – to get moving again. So I went down to CircuitFIT on Mount Pleasant to get put through the paces.

I am always hesitant about gym programs, mostly because I have a whole lot of medical drama to explain. And as open as I am about all that stuff here, it makes me uncomfortable in “real-life” situations. In truth, when I explain my whole medical situation in one-go, I sound like a hot mess. But CircuitFIT takes a much more comprehensive approach to training. Along with being a fitness studio, all of their trainers play double-duty to provide a whole body/health experience. 

I met with Patrick, who is a holistic nutritionist, training to be an osteopath, as well as a personal trainer. So he wasn’t completely overwhelmed with my disastrous medical history. In fact, he had a ton of advice. And I was really impressed with his medical knowledge.
Evil Evil Planking
He put me through a 30 minute circuit workout, and then we did an additional 30 minutes of personal training. I definitely got my sweat on. I burned over 400 calories. And my abs definitely felt all that planking the next day. I needed to sweat in a new way. It helped me to appreciate the burn. But more than anything though, changing up my routine helped me shake the cobwebs off and get back at it. Sometimes you need to try something to reignite the fire. Thanks for the necessary kick in the butt CircuitFit.

Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,