Thursday, 17 October 2013

Running VS Racing

I am officially in taper-town!!

I ran my last long-long run on Sunday (32km or 19miles) and I felt good. I stuck to my prescribed long-slow-distance pace for the first 22km. But I needed some confidence from this run, so I dropped it down to my goal race pace for the final 10km. And you know what?! I felt good! Sure I was starting to get tired. And yes my knees were starting to get stiff. But this time I knew I had it in me to keep going. This time I was sore, but not in pain. Those are two very different things. Sore you can push through. Pain you can not. And I really do believe this time is going to be different.

Admittedly, I have the completely ridiculous, borderline crazy, Marathon Goal of cutting almost an entire hour off my previous atrocious marathon time. In my dream world I would love to hit 4:30 or at least come close. And as crazy as it sounds, I think I might be able to do it.  This training season has not been ideal, so I am willing accept that I might not get my perfect time. But I am still secretly (not so secretly) hoping, wishing, and praying despite all the odds that I will be able to do it.

My marathon goal is in my sights. Which why this weekend when I run the Scotiabank Half I will be doing just that - Running, not Racing.

Now I won't lie and pretend that I didn't email my coach this week asking her to let me race it. I begged her to let me go for a PR. My body is stronger now. And I know it is ready to run a fast half. I think I could even potentially hit that elusive 2hr finish. But I would not be recovered in time to then turn around and race my full marathon 2 weeks later. And the marathon is the goal.

So this weekend I will run - not race. I will take pictures. I will perfect my race day nutrition. I will enjoy the race day energy. And I will practice my Marathon goal pace. All while keeping my marathon dream firmly in my mind.

This weekend I am running, not racing.

Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,