Thursday, 31 October 2013

A Marathon Moment with My Dad

Last year when I ran my first marathon and my entire family was there to cheer me on. They all stood patiently waiting for me at kilometer 40 just outside the St. Lawrence Market.  My goal time last year was 4:30, but I struggled with complications from my double mastectomy and poor race planning. So my actual finishing time was almost a full hour after that.
My Dad was always an impatient guy, so it is safe to say he got pretty antsy during that extra hour. He was also notorious for wandering off when he got restless. So it was no surprise to me that he was the very first person I saw as the rounded that fateful corner. There he was standing in the middle of road, searching frantically through all of the runners, 400 meters away from the rest of group, waiting for me.

"Its hard Dad" I said. "It is really hard" I choked out through my tears.
"I know" He said. "But you can do this. You are almost done" And he began to jog.

My Dad with his bum knee and bum hip started to hobble along beside me. We ran together for those 400 meters. We cried together for 400 meters. And he kept telling me that I was "almost there" and that he knew I "could do it".

He will not be here this year to watch me cross the finish line of my second marathon, and I miss him every single day. But I know when I line up in my corral on November 3rd that I will not be lining alone.This time we will run the whole race together.

Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,