Monday, 23 September 2013

The Zoo Run and a Lesson in Spectating

This weekend was the Canadian 10k Championship and the Toronto Zoo Run. And as shocking as it may sound, I was not running it. Weird, I know. I was tagging along as a spectator. My hubby and Dad-In-Law were both running, so I found myself in the unusual position of cheerleader. Over the past couple of years I have run quite a few races, many with early morning wake-up calls, and my family has been there to cheer me on and support my training. So this weekend it was my turn to return the favor.

The alarm went off at 5:45am, but instead of being amped with race day adrenaline I slowly dragged my butt to the coffee pot. Discovering a new found respect for the all the cheerleaders in my life. Surprisingly, when you are not racing it is harder to be excited about waking up before the sun and spending several hours in rain. Illustrating the commitment of the spectator runs deep.
The weather was pretty terrible - it was absolutely pouring. So while Jamie packed his extra clothes and running gear, I grabbed an umbrella and my rubber boots. The race was huge! And the elites were a sight to be held. If you ever wonder what it takes to get to that level just watch a group of elites warm up - it is truly inspiring. I met up with Barb and Jillian and got special VIP access with Mizuno Running. We were rooting for our Mizuno Teammate Dylan Wykes (Yeah, you know, just me - slow-poke robot-heart girl and a freakin Olympian. Not out of my league at all...)

After the race began we trudged through the zoo and bee-lined it for the finish line. I made it just as the elites were flooding the chute. Reid Coolsaet took 1st with a finishing time of 29:50 and our Mizuno Boy took 4th overall and 3rd in the series with a blazing fast time of 30:11. (*As you can see I am beaming just a little bit. I tried really hard to keep my cool while meeting Dylan, but I gotta admit it was really exciting*)

The course is a tough one with lots of hills. 180's, and uneven terrain. All made even more challenging with the rain. Jamie crossed the finish line 45:34 and Bruce finished 57:46. The boys both ran fantastic races even with all of challenges.

It was great to be able to be there and cheer them on. And even better to be able to share the sport I love with the people I love! With the added bonus of a visit to the new Panda exhibit while we were at it.
How was your weekend?

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