Sunday, 8 September 2013

Yoga: The Elusive Search for Peace

I have long found it difficult to remain present. My mind is often a busy place. And my life is frequently moving in several different directions at once. I also happen to be notorious for over-extending myself. So I regularly struggle to embrace and enjoy the moment before moving on to the next task on my to-do list. It is something I have been trying to work on.
But after unexpectedly losing my Dad last month, I have found this task even more daunting. The precarious edge between life and death on which we dwell has become forefront in my mind. And the thought that I will “just do that tomorrow” or “get to it next time” – no longer holds true for me. Because it is possible that “next time” will never come.

My mind has been racing with my life-long to-do list. And the things I thought I had plenty of time for – travel, home ownership, races, babies – all now feel very urgent. These are not small to-do list tasks either. They are not things I am going to be able to tick off tomorrow. But they are things I want for my life none-the-less. And while I work toward these goals I need to find a way to breathe and enjoy the journey.

Yoga has always been a very healing and restorative practice for me. It quiets my mind, strengths my body, and helps me restore the balance. So I have committed to taking 1-2 yoga classes a week. I treated myself to a month of unlimited yoga at my local Ashtanga Studio. And I plan intersperse classes into my regular marathon training in the form of cross training and active rest days.
I need my body strong as we move forward. And I need a way to calm all the questions and the unknowns that swirl in my head. My goal for this week is to stay present, balanced, and centered. 

Do you practice yoga? What are your goals for the week?

Love your Favourite Darwinian Fail,