Tuesday, 17 September 2013

#WIAW - Vegan Gluten-Free Pizza

One of my all time favourite foods is PIZZA. In fact I could probably eat it several times a week. It just scratches that perfect savory itch.

So when I started my new meal plan - and cut out gluten and dairy - all I could think was...

I knew it was the one food I could NOT say goodbye to forever - a girl has limits. And it turns out pizza is one of mine. So I have spent the past few months experimenting with gluten-free and diary-free alternatives, and I am sharing my winner for WIAW. It has taken several attempts, but I think I finally mastered the Vegan Gluten-Free Pizza!  It's packed with veggies and flavor so I definitely don't feel like I am missing out on much.

I experimented with a few different gluten-free crusts. But at the moment the winner is Nate's! Big plus it's also a local Canadian Company. It comes with 2 pizza crusts in the package. I found 1 crust fed myself and my husband quite well - averaging out to about 3 pieces each. I used the crust straight from the freezer, just sauced it, topped it, and baked.

Eat Clean Spinach Pesto

2 cups Spinach
1/2 a Purple Onion (diced)
10 Button Mushrooms (sliced)

These 3 are best if they are sauteed separately in a pan first with a tsp of olive oil. You just want to remove the water so the crust stays crispy.

5 Sundried Tomatoes (sliced)
Olives  (lots)
1 Pepper (diced)

I feel like the salty/savory flavor of the olives help replace the flavor of the cheese, so I am fairly heavy-handed with them. But that is obviously a personal preference. These topping can be added when you are ready to place the pizza in the oven.

Cook at 450 for approximately 10 minutes. The crust is already cooked so it doesn't require a lot of time, just long enough to heat the pizza all the way through and crust up.

Hope you enjoy!
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