Friday, 27 September 2013

Random Happiness Friday

I have been work hard to restore some balance to my life, but it hasn't been easy. I am still struggling to remain present and find my peace, while striving for my goals. So today I want to take a minute a focus on a few of the things that have been making me happy this week.

This week's marks 3 weeks of perfect marathon training. Despite experiencing tummy troubles the last few weeks, I have been able to log all of my necessary miles. I have been running strong and feeling great. I am not sure if this last ditch effort is going to be enough to undo the earlier struggles in my training season, but I am still going to give the next 5 weeks my all.
I think if I can get a couple long runs up and around 30-32km before I start my taper than I should be okay. Maybe not perfect, but okay.

Then there is this...

So I haven't really written much about this, mostly because I was fairly convinced this was a mistake. But I have waited almost a full month, and my swim time still stands. That my friends is a first place next to my name (even though it is spelt wrong) with a swim time of 11:12. I pretty sure this will be the first and last time I will ever see my name associated with first place, so I will take it!

I am heading up north tonight for the Tough Mudder Toronto event. I will be there with Clif Bar, so if any of you are racing this weekend please come by grab some samples and say "Hi!". Even though I will be out of town I have stocked up on yummy healthy tummy-friendly goodies to take with me. I want to make sure my training and my tummy stay on track this weekend.
Christina aka the athletarian and Barb aka Mizuno Barb have been raving about these Quest Bars. They are Gluten-Free, packed with 20g of protein, and Sugar-Free because they are sweetened with stevia. Let's just say I am officially obsessed. Where of these been all of my life? My bags are packed with quest bars, trail mix, dried mango, and kombucha. So I am ready to rock.

What are you happy about today?

Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,