Tuesday, 13 August 2013

One Disastrous Half Marathon

Who has been the worst blogger in life? This girl!

Sorry I have been so MIA lately friends. The past few weeks have been absolutely crazy around here. I have been working a lot of hours - last week was close to 50. And I am in the process of finalizing papers and writing exams for school. All while doing my best to keep up with my marathon training and tummy troubles...Needless to say I haven't had much down time for blogging (le sigh).

It is probably because of all the above craziness that I ended up running one seriously disastrous half marathon this past weekend.
I signed up to run the Whitby Waterfront Half Marathon. I had hopes of a PR. And it was going to be my hubby's first half. I figured it would be a fun one to do together. It was a smaller event. The course was done by the water. And it just so happened to fall on one of our many few and far between free weekends.

Admittedly I was pretty worn down going into this race. I was running on very little sleep. I was still feeling some of the effects from my new elimination diet. And I was battling a nagging cold. I toyed with the idea of not running this event, but I was excited to share the race with Jamie. So despite the less than stellar conditions I opted to run it anyways.

I was tired when my alarm went off at 6:10. But slowly the race day excitement started to kick in, and I felt ready to race. The race route was changed last minute due to construction, so the course ended up being a double loop down by the water. It was very picturesque and the double loop made it a little easier to pace.
There were 3 distances racing on Sunday - a 5km, a 10km, and a Half. We all lined up at the line for a mass start. Jamie and I lined up closer to the back, because we would not be starting out fast. We made our way across the line and ran the first 3-ish km together at a 6min/km pace. Jamie started to pull away just past the 4km mark, while I stayed steady at my 6 min pace.

My plan was to keep it steady in and around that pace for the first 13km and then slowly drop my pace for the remainder of the race. I was bouncing along to my playlist and feeling great for the first half of the race. Jamie and I passed each other twice at the turn around points, high-fiving and supporting each other all the way along.

At kilometer 12 things started to change for me. My stomach started to cramp up, and I was struggling with my acid reflux. (**If you have been following along then you have heard me mention my current stomach problems many times...this has been an on-going issue for the past 3 months**).

By kilometer 15 things had really escalated, and I had to stop to throw-up in the bushes. I had a serious think about turning around, calling it a day, and getting my very first DNF. But after a few minutes of pondering I decided I just couldn't do it, and tried to carry on. My pace slowed down significantly. And I threw-up a second time at kilometer 17. At that point though, I had to walk back the remainder of the loop anyways so I choose to run it as best I could.

I crossed the line in a miserable fashion at 2:16:15. No where near the race I hoped to run. And no PR either. It was however, a 3 minute improvement from my half marathon in May even with all the tummy drama. So it does give me hope that a half marathon PR is in my future. Hopefully next month.
I had a disastrous half, but Jamie had a great race. He finished strong at 1:54:30. And Bruce - my Dad-Inlaw - rocked his 5km with a sub 25 minute finish. So the boys had a great day of racing all around. Despite my rough time on the course, I was happy to share in everyone else's race day excitement. And being able to share my love of distance with my hubby has been so nice. I can't wait to race with him again, hopefully I will be able to keep up next time.

Sometime these disastrous runs happen.
But you learn, you grow, and more importantly you try again. 
Maybe next time it will be my turn to celebrate a PR. Time will tell. But I know I will definitely keep trying.

Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,