Wednesday, 10 July 2013

#WIAW - Yummy Things I am Loving Lately

It's What I Ate Wednesday Friends! I am not gonna lie my meals have been pretty dull lately. I have been battling this little ulcer of mine for about a month now. And I have been trying to navigate what that means for my diet. This has been a huge struggle for me. I LOVE food! But now so many of my favourite things are off limits. It has been hard to balance finding meals that taste good but are easy on the tummy.

A lot of what I have been doing lately has been trial and error. And while it is still an ongoing-work-in-progress - I have discovered a few yummy things that are tummy friendly!

* Vanilla Chai Vega One Shake

Green smoothies have become a very necessary staple in my diet lately, and I am loving Vega's Vanilla Chai flavor. The Vega One Shake has 15g protein, antioxidants, and tummy-loving probiotics - so it has been perfect for me. I have also been adding avocado, spinach, and banana for extra plant power!

* Zico Coconut Water and Honey Maxx

It has been crazy humid in Toronto lately, making me a hot sweaty mess post-run. I know I am losing a ton of electrolytes while I am out logging my kilometers, so I have been looking for tummy-friendly electrolyte replacers.

Honey Maxx has been much easier on my tummy than some of the other brands I have used in the past (*cough, cough, Gatorade*). The natural ingredients and sugars are much easier to ingest on my run. And Zico Coconut water has been perfect post-run. Coconut water has sodium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and as much potassium as a banana! Plus the chocolate flavour is delicious

* Clif Bars

I have been struggling to take in enough calories after my long runs. But my Clif Bars have definitely been helping me refuel. They are sweetened with Brown Rice Syrup which is easy to digest and all of nuts, seeds, and dried fruit in every bar helps me make sure I am getting the right nutrition.

* Fresh Local Fruit
The produce aisle is packed with fresh local deliciousness. And I have been stocking up on tons of fruit! Rasberries and Peaches have been my absolute favourite this week! I just can't get enough!

* Solar Raw Kale Chips
Chips are my weakness. I love them. But they are not ulcer friendly. So I have been in search of healthy substitute, and I stumbled upon Solar Raw before my trip to the cottage. They are delicious! The kale is gently air dried (not baked or fried) so all of natural enzymes and nutrients of the Kale is preserved.

Do you have any tummy-friendly snacks you recommend?
Anyone else ever dealt with an ulcer? Tips/advice welcome!

Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,