Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Sometimes Girls Just Gotta Have Fun!

So with Marathon Training comes long runs, a new focus on time and pace, and the drive for a PR. There are also questions about fueling, competition, and how to push yourself harder. It can all get a little serious. So sometimes a girl just needs to switch things up and do something for FUN!
Enter Skyzone Indoor Trampoline Park. Yep it is pretty much exactly how it sounds. It is wall-to-wall trampolines so you can bounce around to your hearts content. Me, Christina, our Run Coach Michelle, and a whole bunch of Clif Bar Toronto team members all went to the local SkyZone to shake our sillies out!

I wasn't expecting much, I mean how hard can bouncing on a trampoline be?! But we definitely got our sweat on and laughed like crazy doing it!

We bounced, somersaulted, flipped, and even through in a little speed/resistance training trampoline style.

That is Christina laughing hysterically while I give Coach a little payback. These sprints were redemption for our 5km Race that conveniently turned into 15km. (**Mwahaha! Love you coach! **) 

We had a BLAST! And according to my GPS I bounced a total of 9km?! What?! I know! And I burned 643 calories?! BANANAS! It was the perfect way to shake off some of the serious racing nerves. Refocus, Re-balance, and  Re-energize. Because as much as I love the challenge running provides, and as much as I love competing against myself and the clock, I really just run for FUN! This little Darwinian Fail isn't going break any world records, qualify for Boston, or even so much as place in a local race. But that isn't why I lace up sneakers.

Running is FUN, it is the ideal release, and it is home to amazing community of people.
I run to keep myself feeling Happy, Healthy, Light, and Free!

How are you gonna have some Fun this week?!

Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,