Friday, 12 July 2013

#BodyLOVE Week 2 - Ulcer Setbacks and Winner

How did Week 2 of the #BodyLOVE Challenge go? Is staying off that scale getting harder? What kind of treat are you going to treat yourself with this week? I have absolutely LOVED getting all of your Instagram pics and Twitter updates this week! Keep them coming! It has been so nice to see your progress and to be able to encourage each other!

I actually did not have the best week myself. So I needed all your positive #BodyLOVE encouragement to keep me positive. I had an ulcer setback when I returned from the cottage this week, and I was feeling pretty frustrated. I stuck to my bland diet for about 3 weeks, but the lure of coffee and things with flavor reeled me back in, and I caved. Admittedly, I have not been the most diligent ulcer patient. So after a week of tummy troubles I am back on the Bland-Bandwagon and not that happy about it.

I am the WORST dieter. And I am picky eater. I only like to eat things that taste yummy, making this whole bland-diet thing a real struggle. I am trying to find things that still taste good, but that won't upset stomach and that has been very tricky. So this week I treated myself to a trip to Fresh for some clean, yummy, tummy-friendly inspiration. I got their green detoxifier smoothie, Tangled Thai Salad, and their Curry Apple Soup. It was just what I needed to boost my mood and help get excited about meal planning for the weekend!

This weeks #BodyLOVE winner is...
@tinabelinda - one of your Instagram entries was randomly selected! 
Congrats Girlie!! Please email me so we can organize the shipment of your Wave Sayonaras

Don't distress if you didn't win this week friends! I still have 2 pairs to giveaway and 2 more weeks of the #BodyLOVE challenge to go! So lets continue to make this summer all about Health, Happiness, and LOVE! Remember Health is a relationship between you and your body! Let's make it a positive and loving one!

Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,