Monday, 8 July 2013

#BodyLOVE Week 2 - Lessons from a Toddler

I am back from my weekend at the cottage! It was perfect! It was so nice to get out of the city and relax for a few days. It was the necessary downtime I had been dreaming of. I feel relaxed, restored, and re-energized!I enjoyed the sunshine. Spent some quality time with some of my favourite people. Taught the boys a thing or two about fishing. Went for a run in the woods. Swam in the lake. Got approximately 46 misquito bites and enjoyed every minute of it. 

We spent the weekend with our friends Shane, Tracey, and their daughter Jayden. Baby Jayden (who is no longer a baby) has already taught me many things during her 2 years on this planet. And this weekend was no exception. 

At 2 years old she is a little ball of energy. Everything about the world that surrounds her is beautiful and magical. She is hanging on your every word, copying your every move, and absorbing life like a sponge. She is blissfully happy and so full of life. She doesn't waste time worrying about how her swimsuit looks - she just throws it on and jumps in the water. She eats her marshmallows with pure joy and abandon - never worrying about calories of the size of her jeans. And she feels confident because she is surrounded by love. That is how every little girl should feel. Heck, this is how every woman should feel.

And that is what this challenge is all about! Let's start measuring success in terms of Health, Confidence, Happiness, and Love! The same rules apply. And this week I have another pair of Mizuno Wave Sayonaras up for grabs!

Here's how you can join in the #BodyLOVE Challenge!

Step 1 - Get Rid of Your Scale!
Keep those scales hidden ladies! Gasp! I know! Not forever, but for this month. Put it in the closet. Skip weighing in at the gym. No scale for the next 4 weeks! Choose health for Health - not for a number.

Step 2 - Commit to Fit 4-6x a Week
Pick your poison - Run, Crossfit, Yoga, Weights, Hiking, Biking, Swim - whatever you want to do to get your sweat on. Just commit to get moving for 30-60 minutes 4-6x a week for the month of July. But commit to take care of yourself. Commit to get make your body stronger. Commit to make your body healthier. Commit to feel good!

Step 3 - Embrace Healthy Whole Foods
This is not about following any crazy rules, or dubbing food good or bad. It is just an effort to eat healthy, whole, nourishing food to help give the body the fuel it needs. I follow the 80/20 rule. I try to eat clean, whole, nutritious food 80% of the time, but sometime a girl just needs a cookie or a glass of wine and that makes up the other 20% of my diet. It is all about balance!

Step 4 - Give Yourself Some Love
Take time out once a week to do something fun and fabulous for yourself! Go get ice cream. Treat yourself to a mani/pedi or a new outfit. Sleep in. Just do something to rest, relax, and thank yourself for being AWESOME!

It is that Easy! And by the end of 4 weeks you will see amazing progress and you will have made your new healthy routine a habit. And more importantly we will all learn how to give our bodies so much need #BodyLOVE!

How do you Participate:
Leave a comment here sharing your commitment to #BodyLOVE this week

Tweet: "It is Week 2 of the #BodyLOVE Summer Challenge with @Darwinianfail and @MizunoRunning? How are you gonna give yourself some LOVE?!"
 Instagram: Share your journey! Take photos sharing your workouts, your #BodyLOVE love-fest, and where you are hiding your scale this week - tag @darwinianfail and use the #BodyLOVE hashtag so I can see your progress we can all support each other! 

*Each action gets you and additional entry, so make sure you leave a separate comment here telling me what you did (ie. if you do all 5 leave me 5 separate comments so you get 5 entries)*

Our #BodyLOVE winner will be chosen Friday! So let's start the summer off right!
Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,