Wednesday, 5 June 2013

#WIAW - Vacation EATS

It's WIAW and I am talking Vacation EATS!

We flew into Halifax on Saturday Afternoon. The flight itself was a total disaster. We flew over in a little Dash 8 Plane and we hit a ton of turbulence along the way. I am terrified of heights and I struggle with motion sickness at the best of times. So I was incredibly happy when the plane finally safely touched down on the tarmac.

Needless to say once we arrived in Halifax I was not exactly feeling hungry. And it took me a little while to settle my stomach. So we did a quick tour of the Harbor Front. And everyone else popped into Alexander Keith's Brewery for a pint. (**I opted out of this one**)

My appetite returned by dinner, though. We all went to the Five Fisherman. All of their meals are served with an All-You-Eat Mussel and Salad Bar. I was starving. So I was more than ready to hit the muscle bar. I had 2 giant plates of muscles, a delicious salad, and my Mom and I shared the Seafood Linguini. It was delicious! Plus it was great to spend the night laughing and catching up as a family.

On Sunday Morning Jamie and I met my parents for breakfast at the hotel, before we went out to check out Pier 21. We were actually able to find documents showing my Great-Grandfather passing through here when he immigrated from Hungary. It was pretty neat. 

We then went out to Luenberg and Peggy's Cove for the afternoon. And the rest of our meals were filled with Lobster. We had a Lobster Roll and Seafood Chowder for Lunch. And then picked up a bunch of Fresh Lobster from a little lobster shack to take home and make for dinner. It was a regular Lobster-fest.

Monday was Erica's Graduation and I was still feeling a bit queasy. So I opted for Peppermint Tea for Breakfast. And Chicken Vegetable Soup for lunch. Not the most exciting but generally pretty easy on the tummy. We celebrated Erica's Grad with a big delicious dinner at Da Maurizio's.

And then just like that our weekend in Halifax was over and we were packing up, squeezing in some last minute sightseeing, and heading to the airport!

Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,