Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Training Tuesday - Confessions and Week 7

Confession: I spent the better part of the last few weeks feeling really down on myself and my training. My recent tummy troubles meant that the last few weeks of training have been less than stellar. And I found myself really doubting my ability to get my body to where I want it to be.

The truth is - I want to be fast, like not just fast for a Darwinian Fail, but FAST-fast. And I want to be strong. I want to run my marathon, leave it all out on the road and feel good, not sobbing my way through the pain like last time. And I want that Sub-4:30 finish. I really, really, really want it. It is my goal for my November Marathon, but secretly (*not so secretly*) I have dreams of running much faster than that. Maybe even a sub-4 finish...one day.

I want the results I get in my races to reflect all of the hard work I put in week after week. But with surgery after surgery and setback after setback - I started to wonder if that will ever happen...This little defective body and I have a seriously tumultuous relationship.

It has taken me years to learn that I can't control everything (*obviously something this type-A personality still struggles with*). But I know all I can do is take it one day at time, focus on my training, and try my best to get the most out of every session.

Whatever time I end up crossing that finish line that year I will have worked as hard as I possibly could to make it happen. So this week, that is exactly what I did.

Sunday - After my early-morning wake up call and Clif Bar adventure at the Toronto Ride for Heart I was feeling tired - but inspired! I was really excited to work this event and cheer on the riders. I can honestly say that I owe my life to the invaluable work the Heart and Stroke Foundation does. There would be no marathons. There would be no triathlons. And it is very possible that there would be no Krysten if it weren't for all of the medical advances that have been made possible by events like this. So I try really hard to remember that everyday. And never take this body for granted. So I went home and run a nice easy 18km to celebrate Health and Happy Hearts. I think I am definitely going to have to do the Ride for Heart in 2014!

Monday - a 5km shakeout run. I ran a 6:19 min/km pace and felt really good. Definitely Happy to back at it.
Tuesday - REST
Wednesday - It was International Running Day, so I celebrated with a 10km tempo run. This was tough. I maintain an average pace of 5:25 min/km for 6 of the 10km. I was happy to lie down and stretch after it was all over. Our co-ed baseball team also played later that night, so it was a double workout day!
Thursday - Core Flow Spin Class over at my favourite spin studio Spynga. It was 45 minutes of sprints and climbs on the bike. And the 15 minutes of core work on the mat. My abs were burning when I left.

Friday - It was a very sexy Friday Night over here - a 5km Fartlek workout with the Hubby, hydrating, and foam rolling! OH LA LA!
Saturday - was a REST day and a Puppy Play Date. Clark and Christina's little man Princeton met for a puppy adventure at the dog park. Princeton is pretty hilarious! He is a ball of energy. Clark definitely found a new friend. And immediately came home went to bed haha. Princeton tuckered him out!

It was a good week. I am starting to feel strong again. And I am actually getting excited for my upcoming races. I think I can do this. Or I am at least gonna try!


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Here's Hoping this week goes just as well, even with a few days out of town. 
I am committed to making this happen!

Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,