Friday, 21 June 2013

Running Rockstar - Lisa

I regularly scower the internet, read my favourite blogs, Pin quotes and motivating images, read books, articles, and magazines all to keep me focused and inspired. It is hard to wake up early in the AM to squeeze in a workout. And sometimes it feels like there are simply not enough hours in the day to get it all done.

So Friday is a day to celebrate our accomplishments. These are my Running Rockstars. They are from all walks of life and are all at different stages in their running experience. But the one thing that they all have in common is that despite it all they are getting it done! They are Rockin' that Run! And that deserves to be celebrated!

One of the these AMAZING folks will be featured here each week. Answering some of my favourite Run related question.

This week's Running Rockstar is Lisa from Lisa Runs for Cupcakes (

1. What is your next race?  

I plan on keep my summer fairly mellow with local 5ks and 10ks in order to prepare for racing with Team Nuun at Hood to Coast at the end of the summer!  And one week after Hood to Coast, I will be taking on the Dumbo Challenge by running a 10k and half marathon in one weekend at Disneyland.  I'm looking forward to my west coast racing adventure!

2. Never-forget race moment?  

I will never forget crossing the finish line of my first half marathon.  It was my first major post-baby race and I was in a world of hurt when I finished.  Yet, somehow this did not discourage me.  It motivated me to quickly sign up for another race.  That sense of accomplishment that you feel when you cross a finish line continues to keep me running and racing today.  

3. Running Must-Have?

One of my most important running items is Body Glide.  Once you experience horrible chaffing, you never want to experience it again.  Body Glide is a lifesaver for me!

4. Favourite Pre-Race Fuel?  

I really enjoy Honey Stinger waffles or protein bars before a race.  If I want a little more substance or if I plan to be awake for a while before the start, I usually opt for a whole-wheat bagel or english muffin to get me through.  By keeping it simple, I can usually avoid any stomach issues during the race.

5. Share your running mantra? Or racing ritual?

My mantra changes from race to race.  I find that repeating a set of simple words over and over helps pass the time and helps keep me focused.  If I don't recite a mantra while running, my thoughts can get wildly out of control and lead to self-doubt.  I found that, "you are stronger than this," helped power me through some serious hills along the Rock 'N' Roll USA course in Washington, DC.

AMAZING LISA! Love that mantra "You are Stronger than This"! LOVE!
Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,