Sunday, 2 June 2013

#IWILL @UAWomen Challenge

Remember a few week's ago when I told you all about the UA What's Beautiful Campaign?! And remember when I declared my goal of running sub 4:30 Marathon?! Well things just got REAL up in here because I am now officially registered for the Hamilton Road2Hope Marathon.

#IWILL will be running my goal race in just 5 short months, so that means it is time to seriously buckle down and get my STRONG on! Good thing I have a whole team of a accountability partners  to help keep me focused and motivated! Because this little cyborg is gonna need all the help she can get.

I realize expecting 50 minute PR on my Marathon Time is a little lofty... And maybe I am expecting too much. But you never know what you are capable of unless you push yourself. So that is what the next 5 months is all about. No limits. No Excuses. Just Hard Work, Sweat, and Determination.
So that is exactly what I plan to do. I am going to give the next 5 months my all and see what this little defective body is really made of. And I will be posting my weekly #IWILL Goals on here to help keep my training focused and balanced.

 My training was less than stellar last week. Remember those tummy troubles I mentioned last week? Well looks like I have myself the beginning stages of an ulcer. I had been feeling off for a couple week's but it really flared up while I was away on vacation. I have had an ulcer before, so I went in to see my doctor as soon as we got back. She prescribed some medication and I have made the shift to a fairly bland, clean, primarily plant-based diet. I still have some symptoms, but they are improving. Needless to say training did not exactly go as planned this week, but I am committed to getting back on track.

So this week I am playing catchup so I plan to do 7 training session - 4 training run and 3 cross training sessions. This week is all about embracing the active rest days.

For obvious reasons, over the next few weeks my diet is extremely important. I say this all the time - but diet and food is not my strong suit. I think I eat generally healthy, but this gals likes her food and her treats. Diet, however, is a huge part of the anti-ulcer campaign. So I will be eating clean...and primarily bland meals for the next 6 weeks. No cheats allowed. No Coffee (whoa is me). No Alcohol. No Diary. No excess Sugar, Fat, or Spices. Just Clean Healthy Whole Foods to get this belly back on track. This is going to be tough - especially with all of the fun summer outing kicking into high-gear. But I will just be hanging out over here with my smoothies, oatmeal, and lean protein...sigh. I am going to be Instagramming my EATS to stay on track. And I will also try my best to think of this bland diet as a great clean kickstart to my Marathon training plan, rather than Ulcer punishment.

This is adventure is all about Health and Happiness, so I need to remember to take care of myself throughout this entire process. Let's Do This! Are your Ready?!

What are your Goals this Week? Have you your joined the What's Beautiful Challenge yet?

Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,