Tuesday, 7 May 2013

#WIAW - An Epic #Fitfluential Carb-o-load

It's WIAW! This has been in the works for so long that I can't even remember how it all started. But sometime last year I started pressuring Pavement Runner to visit his favourite Fitfluential peeps from the North. And we some how decided that running the Toronto Goodlife Marathon was a perfectly reasonable way for him to celebrate completing his 50 miler - perfectly reasonable... I am not sure how I convinced him (I think it was the donuts), but he booked a flight and the plan for an Epic Canadian Toronto Weekend was put into motion!

I picked up Brian and Sherlin (otherwise know as wifey) bright an early Friday morning. I was overmoon excited to meet them and to get this Fitfluential party started. I of course greeted them in true Canadian Fashion - with Timbits and Coffee!

We all decided to try to meetup at the race expo on Saturday to pick up our race kits and then head over the Old Spaghetti Factory for a full on Carb-o-loading session pre-race.
I admittedly was a little nervous. Pavey had flown all this way and I wanted to make sure they had a great time and got the full Canadian experience while he was visiting. I had never tried to coordinate anything like this before, so I was just hoping we had a good turn out and that everyone had fun. The turn out totally exceeded my expectations. There was almost 30 of us in total. Commence Blogger Photo Bomb!

We had people from all walks of the health and wellness community - runners, triathletes, fitness competitors, personal trainers, and just plain fitness enthusiasts. All people I have been chatting with for the past year - many of whom I have not yet had the opportunity to meet "In Real Life". It was great to finally have an excuse to get all of these amazing folks in the same room. Yay New Real Life Friends!

A lot of folks were running the next day. We had people running in the marathon, half marathon, and 5km. We also just had some friends joining us for a good meal and some fun fitness talk. We fueled up on Carbs and I sent everyone home with a Race Day Sparkle Goodie Bag courtesy of my friends at Clif Bar.

 It was an amazing night with amazing friends! And the weekend just kept getting better!

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Thanks so to everyone who came out!
Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,


  1. Wow, what an amazing experience. Great pictures! I always imagine blogger meet-ups,with about 20 cameras going off all at the same time :-).

  2. Holy cow! 30 of you?!?!!! That's so awesome and it looks like you all really did have an epic time!

  3. Wow that's a lot of FitFluential LOVE!!

  4. That is awesome! So jealous of getting to meet everyone!

  5. Wow what a huge awesome turnout! Still jealous but happy I get to experience the meetup vicariously ;)

  6. so fun!!!!!!!!!!! now you guys have to come to st. louis. seriously.

  7. So fun! Thank you so much for organizing this event! xoxo

    See you in a few weeks!

  8. Thank you SO much for organizing this! I had a great time, it was so nice to meet everyone in real life!!

  9. What a blast! You guys had an awesome turnout. Such a fun bloggers meet up!

  10. HOW FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loved the pics!

  11. Had the BEST time, thanks for everything!!

  12. I've seen these pics pop up everywhere (leading me to your blog) and now I'm hungry for spaghetti.
    LOL- love this happy running family.

  13. Ahh I want to go back and re-live every minute of this weekend (except the enormous uphill portion of the half marathon on Sunday - I didn't enjoy that so much!) Thank you again so so much for organizing this - I LOVED meeting everyone! And I may just have been really unobservant before, but did you recently change your blog header? You look stunning!

  14. Sounds amazing, I was part of an FF meet-up in San Francisco thanks to Pavey's coordinating and it was an awesome experience. I am so glad you all had such a great time, I love this community.

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  16. LOVED living vicariously too through all the tweets instagrams and FB shots.

  17. SO FUN! I wish I could meet all my blogger buddies in "real life."