Wednesday, 1 May 2013

#WIAW - Collagen Beauty Bursts

It's What I Ate Wednesday and today I am talking supplements!
I have been using NeoCell's products for almost two years now, but their Collagen Powder is something I have only just recently added into my regular routine. Shortly after my double mastectomy a care package from this amazing company arrived at my door. They included an assortment of their healing products to help aid in my recovery and my love affair with their magic Collagen Powder began.
If you follow me on instagram (<--- and if you don't you probably should - all the cool kids are doing it! PEER PRESSURE!), then you will regularly see me blending up all kinds of fruity collagen concoctions. Especially following my most recent surgery. While I was home recovering another package from NeoCell arrived at my door. This time they sent over their new Collagen Beauty Bursts and Collagen Serum. I start using these two products religiously post-op to aid in healing and recovery. I absolutely love the pomegranate flavor. 

Collagen is a supplement known to aid in muscle and tissue repair - an area I could definitely use all the help I can get. And as an added bonus it is also supposed to thicken hair, strengthen nails, and promote healthy skin. The serum has been the ideal treatment for the aesthetics of my scar. 

It is difficult for me to show you the internal benefits, but I did want to show you the improvement I have seen with my scar. Here are the Before and After pictures below.

The picture on the left is Week One. The site is bruised, the scar is raised, and very raw. And then the picture on the right is Week 12. You can see that the profile has smoothed out, the colour has started to fade, and the bruising is all gone. Healing is still a work in progress. The scar will continue to change over the next year or so, but I do think I have noticed a marked improvement in healing as a result of the Beauty Bursts and the Serum.

I think is fairly obvious that I am a Collagen Convert. 

If you think this is something that you might be interested in I suggest you check out iherb. (** iherb has been having trouble keeping The Beauty Bursts in stock, but the stock is constantly replenishing, so you just have to check back**) They ship to both Canada and the US. Neocell gave me discount code to share with you as well, use CIP001 to get $5 or $10 off depending on your order. 

Let me know what you think?

Hope you guys enjoy!
Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,



    and honestly? because I trust YOU more than any advertising Id definitely recommend to friends.

  2. Wow awesome progression! I just started using their beauty bursts and Jaeden is trying out their Arthropet, so can't wait to see how we do too! Neocell is great

  3. Wow! That's amazing improvement. I've never tried it, but I'll keep it in mind... so many benefits. Might be worth mentioning to some of my health clients, too.

  4. My trainer has be take collagen pills and it's unbelievable how strong my nails are and how fast my hair grows! Now I need some for my scars... I like to slide when I'm playing ball and my legs are a hot mess.

  5. Would collagen help with older scars? I've got a few (the worst is on my leg from melanoma surgery, but it's 10 years old now). Sounds like it would help recovery from tough workouts, regardless.

  6. So happy to hear how much you are loving this product. It's great to learn more about them. thanks for the honest review xo

  7. I have never tried any collagen products before interesting to know.

  8. I have a thyroidectomy scar that is now barely visible--everyday I use Nivea cream on it. It's really amazing how well it worked to tame the scar. It's just the little blue tin that's available at drugstores!

  9. Very cool! The serum sounds interesting! I tried the spray on mt face & not a lot of difference for me but the sreum sounds interesting! I have not tied more than a couple of the bursts that I got at expowest so no experience with those. I would be curious cause I did have trouble with the powder I was mixing in my coffee quite a while back so I had to stop it....