Friday, 10 May 2013

@underarmour What's Beautiful Campaign

I am so excited to announce that I have been asked to join Under Armour What's Beautiful campaign with Fitfluential. It is a competition to redefine the female athlete. And as a girl who has spent the last year finding herself through sport, this campaign could not come at a better time. Running has become an essential part of me. It is where I found self-acceptance, confidence, power, and health. It is where I feel most beautiful.

I will run my heart out - maybe literally.
I will run because I am stronger than my genetics.
I will run because I am stronger than this set of circumstances.
I will run because my spirit is stronger than everything that has happened this past year.
I will run because I am fierce.
I will run to beat heart disease and breast cancer.
I will run to honor my body.
I will run past muscle fatigue.
I will run through mental road blocks.
I  will run hard
I will run fast
I will run strong.
I will run because I can.

This year I will run a sub-4:30 Marathon. 

I think as women we are bombarded with images everyday that tell us that we are only as a good as we look. We are told what is beautiful, what is sexy, and what is ideal. And because of all of this pressure and negative notions, the most confident and amazing women are caused to doubt themselves. Goodness knows I did! There were regular meltdowns. I hated my body for not being what I wanted it to be. For not being taller and thinner. For not being healthy. For not living up to the hype. I saw everything that I wasn't, instead of everything that I was.

But Fitness has taught me that nothing is impossible. That I am capable of more than I ever knew.  And despite my flaws, my scars, and my many medical misadventures - it has taught me how to love my body. Not for how it looks, but for what it can do. For its strength. For its stamina. And for its ability to endure.

That is what Under Armour What's Beautiful campaign is all about. This campaign is about inspiring women and redefining beauty. So come join me! The campaign is simple. Set a Goal. And then show the world what it takes to accomplish it. Create a profile, join a team, and link up with other women. Plus there are some pretty great prizes up for grabs - including a trip to Costa Rica!

On my marathon journey I am teaming up with my Toronto blogging buddies - JessRobyn, and Morgan to train for Warrior Dash. Last year we ran it in 54:59, and this year we are gunning for sub 50 minutes. And you all are welcome to join our team - BEautiful WARRIORS.   We will be there to support one another, train together, and push each other. We will make this happen!

This challenge is about thanking our bodies for its strength, ability, health, and tenacity. For thanking ourselves for making healthy choices for our bodies - even when those choices can be hard. And for remembering what beauty really means. 

Real beauty comes from strength and determination, a joyful heart and grateful spirit. Real beauty really does shine from within. Let's refine What's Beautiful.

Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,