Thursday, 23 May 2013

Triathlon Training and the Pool

Today is my only day off this week. So what do I have planned? A two-a-day to make sure I get my training done. I am starting my morning off with a tempo run and then hitting the pool this evening for 1.5km swim.

Me and the Pool have become Besties. My fingers are prune-y, my hair always smells a little bit like chlorine, and I am training in the water 1-2x a week. And I gotta admit I kind of love it!

Baby Krysten Kicking it at the Beach
I have always been a bit of a water-baby at heart. I grew up on the Lake Erie and spent many summers lost among the waves and I swam competitively throughout high school. So I am no stranger to the water, but it has been a long time since I trained this way. So it has been nice to get back in the pool and I can already feel myself getting stronger.

Swimming is where I feel the strongest. I can push hard, but because of the lack of gravity in the water it is a lot easier on the ticker. I often feel like I could just keep swimming. I feel weightless, free, and healthy. I leave feeling happy...and always hungry!

Some of you have been asking for the specifics of my Pool Training Plan, so here it is...

My Pool Routine:
40 min. Lower Body Lengths 
**I use a flutter board to keep my upper body stationary**
1.5km Swim (60 lengths in a 25m pool)

My 40 minutes in the pool is then followed by a targeted Lower Body Strength Training Session.

Lower Body Routine:
**Do circuit 2x - trying to build to 3x**
20 Squats
20 Toppling Tree (10 each side)
20 Single-Leg Squats (10 each side)
20 Walking Lunges

It is a tough workout! Or tough for me anyways! Both the pool and strength training routine focus on improving lower body and core strength - the power source for my runs. Plus the water offers great resistance training. My endurance has improved dramatically in the last few weeks, and I am feeling stronger everyday. We are getting there!

Have your ever used the pool to train? Are you a water lover or hater?

Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,


  1. I'm training for a triathlon as well, but I'm focusing on upper body (arm strength) in the pool. I do 20-30 lengths with the floats between my legs working on getting good form and shoulder rolls and working on evening out my breathing. From the triathlon books I've read, it seems to me that arm strength is key.

    1. I totally agree Lauren! I had surgery a few months ago (I have a pacemaker) so I am still rehabbing my chest and upper body. Which is why I am still focusing quite a bit on my lower body. I think I am almost there fingers crossed I can work on the upper body again starting next month :)

  2. So great that you are finding your water love again. I, too, am a water baby and grew up on a lake (does that maybe have something to do with it?). I swim 2-3 times/week and right now I am SO excited to have the outdoor pools opening this weekend!!

  3. We just joined a gym with a pool and I hope to get better with my swimming - you're a rockstar!

  4. LOL! If you watched my last video, you would know I HATE WATER!!! I won't get near it. It's funny when people invite me to the beach, I have to come up with some excuse because I don't even want to get that close. There are land sharks, aren't there? AH HA HA!

  5. I admire you SO much! I have to start (and become an expert) on swimming for work and I am REALLY struggling! Come to Alberta and help me out!?

  6. Love swimming!! Have you ever tried water running??

  7. I love the pool and I love swimming!! That looks like a great workout!

  8. Not many people like swimming as much as you do! I like it too, makes me feel like all of those things you just described. Swimming FTW!!

  9. Wow that's a lot of work in the water! Swimming is such great cross training for runners - but I am still a bit lax in the pool. Or better said I'm still trying to find my way. But I'll "just keep swimming" until I get comfy ;)

  10. Looks to me like you're ready! I'm glad you got a road bike- I borrowed one for mine as well, and it made such a difference. The only other advice I got that was really helpful was to practice the transition the day before... lay out your towel with all your gear, and mentally go through what you'll be taking off and putting on at each transition so you get comfortable with it. Excited for you!!! Compression socks triathlon