Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Training Tuesday - Week 4

We are heading into Week 4 of Marathon Training. And now that I have started training with Michelle I am starting to notice a big difference. I am running longer. Feeling stronger. And making progress.

The Plan:
Monday - 5km shakeout Run following my Half Marathon. Jamie and I went out running together. Just a nice slow pace 7:15min/km. And it sounds like the hubby is officially a running covert, and I have a new training buddy!

Tuesday - Yoga Session. I was feeling stiff, especially the hamstrings, so a yoga session was a must.

Wednesday - 12km easy-peasy Run. I set out on a hilly route, but kept my pace slow. I ran 7:15 min/km pace, but I noticed that my average heart rate had come down significantly from 2 weeks ago. I was running at 157 bpm, which is 10 beats lower than my average of 167 bpm at the same pace on a flat route a few weeks ago. The old ticker is getting stronger! YAY!

Thursday - 1.5km Swim. I adore the pool. I love the way I feel when I am in the water - weightless, powerful, and free. I swam 60 lengths for a total of 1500 meters. I didn't time myself though, just because the pool was packed so I got a little bogged down.

Friday - 6:30am Spin/Body Conditioning Class at Spynga INC. I love the unique hybrid classes offered at Spynga. You always get something a little different. Friday's class was 40 min Spin Class with 10 min of upper body weight training and a 10 min cool down. It was the perfect way to start my Friday.

Saturday- REST
All in all all I would say that this was a pretty good week! I got all of my training sessions in, and I am already starting to notice changes in my body. My heart rate being the most significant. I was surprised to see that my body was adapting so quickly, but excited too. I think with a lot of training and hard work over the next 6 months I am going to see what this body can really do. And hopefully that is a sub 4:30 marathon.

Let's Do This! Time for another week of training.
Here's the Plan:
Sunday - 18km long slow run
Monday - Strength Training
Tuesday - 5km Run
Wednesday - 9km Tempo Run 
                   - Baseball
Thursday - Spin Class
Friday - 8km Run
Saturday - 20km Bike Ride

I am ready! BRING IT!
Love Your Favourite  Darwinian Fail,