Friday, 10 May 2013

Running Rockstar - Baby Jack

Little Blog meet Baby Jack.

Little Jack is my kindred baby spirit. And he belongs to fellow Fitfluential Ambassador Sarah (aka Run Far Girl). And I have been virtually following his medical misadventures for the past few months. (<--- Jack I can totally relate)
Jack was born a completely healthy and normal baby in every aspect except for one:  he has a skin abnormality on his back called a giant melanocytic nevus, it sounds scary (and it kind of is) but it is basically a large congenital mole. The condition itself is rare. Though they can be different sizes, a giant one like Jack’s is extremely rare: one in 500,000 births. It happens in the first twelve weeks of pregnancy and is caused by a defect in embryological development. It is not hereditary and there is no known prevention. The major risk factors of a congenital nevus are increased risk of melanoma, a potentially deadly skin cancer. So Baby Jack has had to undergo several surgeries and tissue expansion procedures to remove and heal the affected area.

Baby Jack is a little Champion (like his Momma)! And has been Brave and Amazing throughout! I am happy to report that he has had his second surgery and is doing well.

Sarah an avid runner has decided that she want to give back to the Children's Hospital at Dartmouth, where Jack has been receiving care. So she has planned to run the CHaD Half Marathon in October. She has two goals for this race: to raise $5000 and to place in the top five women. Which means running a time of 1:35 or less. She is running for Baby Jack!

So today I am asking you to visit Sarah and Baby Jack to read how you can help!

Love your Favourite Darwinian Fail,