Sunday, 5 May 2013

Half Marathon, #Fitfluential Family, and Tutus

Today I dipped my toe back into distance running. I ran the Goodlife Toronto Half Marathon.
And had a whole weekend jam packed with Fitness Friends and Fun.

Was I expecting big things?
No. This is my first distance race since my last surgery. And today I am exactly 12 weeks post-op, with approximately 3 weeks of distance training under my belt. Definitely not the most prepared. And definitely not exactly in the best shape either.
Did I think I would PR?
Nope. But it would have been nice... I wish I could PR every race, but today was not about that.
But did I plan to have fun?
Heck Yes!

That is what this race is all about. Just Fun. I was sporting a tutu (<-- yeah you read that right! It was a crowd pleaser!), some sparkles, taking pics for instagram, rocking out to my girlie-pop-music, and just enjoying being back.

This past year has been full of ups and downs, but running has seen me through it all. It is 3 surgeries later, so I know that I am still very much in the recovery/rebuilding stage. And I also know what a gift it is to be back and running - slow but strong. I crossed the finish line 2:19:30. Nothing spectacular. No PR. Kinda Slow. But I crossed that finish line!

Today's run was a reminder how precious Health is. And how grateful I am to have mine.
Every Run is a Gift, and one I do not take for granted 

**Special Thanks to Stephano who paced me for the final 10km. He helped keep me up beat and grounded out there**

This weekend was also a celebration of the this amazing running community - a community that has supported me all the way along. They have picked me up when I was down. Celebrated the good times. Guided me through training. Sympathized with me when I had those tough runs. And now finally we had the chance to meet and run together.

So this weekend wasn't about time or being competitive. It is about spending the weekend with some of my Favourite Running Buddies and basking in the amazing-ness of this fabulous running and fitness community.

We Train Hard. We Run Strong. We stand together as a community. 
That is what Running is all about.

Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,

**PS stay tuned this week more weekend fun and recaps of our whole epic adventure**