Wednesday, 10 April 2013

WIAW - Race Day Eats

Its What I Ate Wednesday - or in today's case What I Ate Race Day! One of the BIG things I am working on this year - food and nutirition-wise - is fueling better for my runs. I have been tracking my meals like a champ on My FitnessPal. And I have been doing my best to incorporate some small changes to clean up my diet and focus on more plant-based whole healthy foods.

Saturday was my 1st Race of the season, so it was the perfect chance to put my fueling to the test.

The race had a late start time by most race day standards. Our start time was not until 11:15 AM. So I woke up at 8am, took the pup for a walk, and made Tosca Reno's Power Oatmeal Pancakes and a big cup of coffee. I also made sure to hydrate and prep with Vega's Preworkout Energizer as we drove down to the start line.

We found parking, stretched, hit the porta-potties, and then made our way down to the finish line. Even though it was only a 5km I always feel a little queasy before a race. As we lined up in our corrals I definitely had a fleeting thought that I should have eaten a little bit more before we got started.

It was a Great Day of Racing for the Bishop Fam, with shiny new PRs for everyone. But as I was coming up that last monster hill I definitely felt a gnawing in my stomach. I was starving! Between racing and my earlier upset stomach I had burned though all of the food I ate that morning - a fatal flaw in my fueling plan. I had purposely tried not to over-fuel because I wasn't running long distance, but I definitely should have eaten another small meal - a smoothie, some fruit, trail mix, etc.

We left the race an immediately went for brunch/lunch. My body always craves red meat after a race. I do not why, because almost never eat it any other time. But a Burger is almost always a MUST post-race. I know it is not "clean", but after a race the body gets what the body wants. And the body wanted a big, fat, juicy, burger! It was delicious and devoured in approximately 10 minutes flat.
We had a busy day ahead, because we were also celebrating my Hubby's Birthday (which is actually today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUNNY!!). So still dressed in our race clothes we met a group of friends at a local curling rink for some Birthday Curling Fun. I was a little skeptical about the whole curling thing, but it is actually a pretty serious workout and really fun. We had some laughs and I only managed to fall once.
Then it was back home to shower, walk the pup, and grab some dinner. Because the timeline was tight again, we ended up grabbing some sushi on our way home. I order a Spicy Tuna Roll and Edamame.

We had plans to meet a group of our friends for Birthday drinks, but I knew I had not eaten enough and the healthy options at the pub would be limited. So I mixed up a Fruit Smoothie - Spinach, Blueberries, Almond Milk, and Kombucha to take on the road. I also ordered a pot of green tea (I was DD) and greek salad while we were out.

Not perfect, but all-in-all a pretty balanced day. Fueling is still a work in progress, but I think this first race has taught me a lot. Hopefully over the next month I will find an even better balance, and be ready for my Half Marathon on May 5th!

Love your Favourite Darwinian Fail,