Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Training Tuesday #3

So I think it is pretty safe to say if you have been checking in on my past few Training Tuesdays that I have been floundering. My natural tendency when I feel panicked about training is to train more and harder, not always smarter. This always sounds good in my head. Looks good when I put it down on paper. But I always end up burnt out, tired, and over-trained.

So this time I am accepting that if I want to do this right, than I am going to need some help. It is officially time to call in the big guns. Little Blog - Michelle. Michelle - Little Blog. Michelle Clark is my one woman Marathon Dream Team. She one of Canada's elite female distance runners. With a Marathon PB of 2:57:08 and a Half Marathon PB of 1:26:43 - I am thinking she could teach me a thing or two...or 7! Oh and she totally just won the Boston to Big Sur Challenge! (<----rockstar I tell you)

Michelle and I met through Clif Bar (**because you know I am totally badass enough to be sponsored athlete, right...shhhhh don't tell them they sponsored a girl with a robot heart and no boobs shhhh**) and she has agreed to train me for my Marathon!

The clouds part. The heavenly chours sings her praises. And Krysten does a Happy Dance. I am obviously over the moon excited. This is happening! This is for real! I have an elite runner coaching me. Me, Krysten, this Darwinian Fail is going legit this time around.

So 4:30 Marathon I am coming for you. I will see that number as I blissfully cross the finish line of the Hamilton Marathon. November 4th is gonna be my day, so mark your calendars. And the next 6 months of training is going to get me there. So it is time to buckle down, work hard, and trust the training.

This Week's Plan:
Sunday - 16km LSR
Monday - 6:30 Cycle Flow at Spynga
Tuesday - 5km (easy pace)
Wednesday - 7km Tempo Run
Thursday - Bootcamp 
Friday - 10km (easy pace)
Saturday - REST

First lesson: Apparently you don't run every run as fast you can..huh?! Facinating Stuff! Who knew?!

I think I am gonna like this whole plan thing.
Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,