Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Training Tuesday #2

Sometimes - because I don't say it out loud - I can forget how critical that little voice inside my head can be.Well this week some of those critical thoughts started to slip out. And I realized that it might be time to refocus.

Training wise things did not seem to be clicking. I was busy - school, work, life. I missed spending time with my hubby. I was tired and feeling over extended. And I found myself feeling frustrated with myself, with my body, with my recovery. And then Jamie and I had this conversation...

Jamie: Are you okay?
Me: Yeah. I am just tired. This is what I mean - I am still not 100% since the surgery. It is so frustrating.
Jamie: It has been a busy week. I'm tired too. That is not a Krysten thing. That is a Human thing.

Hmmmm... Well that kind of stopped me in my tracks. Am I being too critical? Do I expect too much? To make up for my many Darwinian Failings do I push too hard to compensate for all the things I think I lack? The answer to all of the above is YES!

Not every week is perfect. Not every race will be a PR. And sometimes I need to take a step back and accept that this okay and that is enough. So that is how this week went...

The Plan:
Monday - 6:30am Cycle Flow at Spynga

Check and Check! Up Bright and early Spinning my little heart out on the bike. Singing girlie pop. Breathing deep. And starting the week off right.

Tuesday -17km Long Slow Run
Nope. Didn't happen. It ended up being a rest day. I spent most of Tuesday at the library instead.

Wednesday - 7am Pool Session
                    - Hill Repeats x5 (coaching my 10km clinic)
 Nope and Nope. I ended up having to work Wednesday night so that meant No Coaching. And since I missed my long run on Tuesday. I went for a long run Wednesday morning instead. I did 9.75 miles (aka 16km) at 9 min/mile pace. It felt good and the legs felt strong.

Thursday - 7:30am Core Flow Yoga Class
                 - 5km Run (coaching my 10km clinic)

Yes and Yes! Yoga was amazing! I found this little quirky studio downtown that offers several classes in the early AM, but no one ever goes...EXCEPT ME! It is perfect. I get a private session. And I start my day balanced, happy, and restored. Plus the weekly yoga session is really helping to balance out my tight hamstrings post-long-run.

My 10km clinic and I went out for a 5km run. Admittedly I was not feeling it on way over, but it ended up being a really great run. It was nice to run with the clinic and see their progress. I pushed their pace at the front of the pack, and there was some rain at the tail end of our route - but I felt great when all was said and done.
Friday - REST
Saturday - REST
Sunday - 10km Run
Again Nope. I had to work at 7am after a weekend of exams and a late night engagement party. So after work I opted for some time at home with my guys instead.

Like I said it wasn't my best week. 3 of my 7 planned training session didn't happen. But that is enough for this week. Some changes happened to help restore some balance, to listen to my body, and take some time for me. I am ready to get back it this week though. So let's do this.

This Week:
Monday - REST
Tuesday - 15km Long Slow Run
Wednesday -7am Swim
                     - Hill Repeats x6 (coaching my 10km clinic)
Thursday - 7am Yoga
                 - 5km Run (coaching my 10km clinic)
Friday -  6:30am Cycle Flow at Spynga
Saturday - REST
Sunday - 12km Run 

Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,