Thursday, 4 April 2013

Prepping for a Comeback

Saturday is going to be my first race back post-op and I am starting to get excited. One of the very first races I ever ran in Toronto was the Harry's Spring Run Off. And it was the first race I ever documented on my little blog. So I am excited to run it again and see what I can do.

I realize it is still early days in terms of my recovery - I am just 9 weeks post-op. But the truth is I am running better and feeling stronger than I did the whole of last year. I realize how crazy that sounds considering I ran my first marathon during that time, but I really was battling my body throughout that entire process. (*hindsight...*)

Since my last surgery I have noticed a huge improvement in my energy levels and the swelling/bruising I was experiencing during my runs last year, is now non-exist. I very much feel like myself again, and that has been a LONG time coming.

So secretly...well not so secretly...I would like this to be a PR for me. I hoping to run my 5km in 25 minutes even. It is a little ambitious, but I do think it is very possible, even with those hills. The goal is to maintain a 5 min/km pace for the duration of the race. I am gonna run hard on Saturday and hope for the best. PR or not this will be the perfect kick-off to the 2013 race season. And I am prepping for a comeback.

Let's Do This!
Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,