Thursday, 25 April 2013

@ONWomensTri Bike Maintenance Clinic

Last Tuesday was my second training clinic with the Ontario Women's Triathlon Series. The focus was bike maintenance and care. 

If I am being honest, the bike portion of the triathlon is probably the most foreign part of my training. The Run I am pretty familiar with. The swim is something I used to do competitively. But the bike...Yeah I know nothing.  
So I picked up my old mountain bike from my parents, bought myself a new helmet, and set off to the clinic. Lets just say the learning curve was steep. Here is what I learned

1. Mountain Bikes are not appropriate for triathlons
(*slaps forehead*) UGH! the truth is I kind of already knew this. But a proper triathlon bike with all of the bells and whistles is expensive - like thousands of dollars expensive. And as much as I would like to get all of the proper gear, my student budget says, "its not gonna happen".

So my new plan is to train with my mountain bike and spin classes at my favourite Spin Studio. And then race with the lovely Morgan's Hybrid on race day. (Thanks Morgs!!) It is slightly unconventional, but I think that make sense for my first triathlon attempt.

2. A lot technical things can go wrong with the bike portion of the race - so you need to be prepared.
We learned how do a proper safety check.
How to change a tire - front and back
And what we should carry with us on race day and on our training rides.

3. The course definitely has some hills so I need to be prepared.
I think hills are going to be my friend this summer while I prep for my marathon and my triathlon. If you are looking for me on Wednesdays I will be probably be out running or riding hill repeats.

4. A good time for a Sprint Triathlon is 1:30
So that is what I am shooting for. It is my first time out, but that is gonna be the bench mark.

5. Padded Bike shorts are a Must and your Friend - both on race day and during training!

Can't wait for the Next Clinic on May 21st. We will be going over Bike Skills and Safety. It is still early days but I feel like I have learned so much.

What do you guys think? Do you think my bike quick-fix will work?

Slowly but surely getting Triathlon Ready!
Love Your Favourite Darwinain Fail