Wednesday, 10 April 2013

One EPIC #Fitfluential Weekend!!

Okay so have you guys heard the news?!?! 
The one and only Pavement Runner is coming to Canada!!

I have lured him here with talks of Tim Horton's, promises of Doughnuts, and plans to run the Goodlife Toronto Marathon together.

If you read Brian's Blog (and you should) then you already know why I love this guy. Pavey and I have become fast friends all thanks to our mutual love of Running, Fitfluential, and the blog-o-sphere. And I am super excited to finally get the chance to run with one of my favourite online training buddies!

Needless to say we have been chatting about this Fabulous Fitfluential Adventure for a while. The original plan was to run the Marathon together. Obviously that plan was before surgery #6. So instead, Brian will still running the full and I will be making my triumph post-op return to distance with the half instead. (<--- possibly in a tu-tu, because why not?!) And I have recruited some other Canadian Fitfluential Friends to run the 5km as well ( Kierston and SuperFit, Robyn, Morgan, and Jess just to name a few)

And with the help of social media this Race Weekend is quickly appears to be turning into one...

And the perfect excuse to make all of our "online friends" "in real life friends" with one big Pre-Race blogger/social media Meet-Up! Everybody is welcome! Come Run with Us! Come Eat with Us! Its gonna be awesome! So if you are local or plan to be in Toronto for the race come Carb-o-load with us!

When: Saturday May 4th @ 5pm

We will also be hanging out at the Pre-Race Expo before hand on Saturday as well. I will be making a reservation just to make sure they have enough space for all of us. So please RSVP to the Facebook Event for the dinner! (<---just follow the link to join the fun)

Can't wait to see you all there!
Love your Favourite Darwinian Fail,