Wednesday, 27 March 2013

#WIAW - Tosca Reno

It's What I Ate Wednesday and I am inspired! This past week I was invited to attend Canadian Tire's Destination Home Event featuring the Eat Clean Diet guru herself - Tosca Reno.

Tosca is a total BOMBSHELL and officially my new fitness idol. She epitomizes healthy living. Her very presence screams vitality and I was beyond inspired. We got to sample Tosca's recipes and cooking skills, while checking out some of Canadian's Tire's new kitchen gadgets. It was a pretty spectacular way to spend a Thursday morning. Plus it didn't hurt that I had some pretty fabulous company either - Christina and Morgan were there as well. 

Our Menu Included...
  • Smoothies with the Nutri-bullet
  • Waffles with the Cuisinart Waffle Maker
  • Eggs and veggies in the T-Fal Actifry (it’s “like” a deep fryer but you only need a tbsp of oil)
  • Bellinis with the Soda Stream

Tosca said something that really struck a cord with me,
"There is a difference between Food and Nutrients. Food is anything edible that we can ingest. Nutrients are what fuels, heals, and nourishes our bodies"
 More than ever following this most recent medical misadventure it has become clear to me how important it is to take care of myself and my body. This past year has made me cherish my health that much more - healing is humbling that way. And with the impending misadventures that are sure to come for a gal with a robot ticker and bionic boobies - I want to ensure that I do everything in my power to care for this little defective bod of mine.

I have long loved a good sweat-fest. And derive a sick twisted pleasure from the ache you fell after a good workout. But nutrition has always been a weakness of mine. I like Food - aka yummy edible things that don't exactly nourish my body, but taste damn good. So this year as I continue to recover and get back into training I want to make Nutrients a priority.

So here's the plan..

1. Strive for a primarily plant-based diet 
I spent 6 years as a vegetarian and have long known that I feel best when eating a plant-based diet. That combined that with my recent vegan inspired reading-fest - Scott Jurek, Rich Roll, and Bredan Brazier - all vegan elite endurance athletes. Has made me question some of my diet choices. So I am refocusing my diet around plant-power! Yay Veggies! I will still be eating some meat, but I will be doing my best to limit my love of bacon.

2. Limit Diary
Now I am not sure what has caused this - my recent trips to the OR, the powerful anti-biotics I have taken 2x this past year, or just a shift in the body - but diary has not been my friend lately. And don't get me wrong I love a cheeseball like nobody's business, but I never feel great afterwards. So while eggs are still a pretty big staple in my life, I am doing my best to cut out milk and cheese. This won't be perfect. And I know I will enjoy a cheese pizza from time to time. But I am trying to be conscious of my diary intake on a day-to-day basis.

3. Track my EATS
This is a big one, and one I have been working on. I struggled with my nutrition during my last stint of marathon training, especially with getting enough calories and getting enough of the right calories. On a long run I found myself burning 1500-3000 calories, which is all well and good, but you need to replace those and fuel your body for recovery. Fueling I often did with a Burger and Fries for a quick calorie hit. Not the most nutritious meal around. So I am working on regularly logging my meals on My Fitness Pal to help me plan and stay focused. And I am Instagramming my daily EATS as well to give myself a visual reminder of meals and my goal. (**PS if you guys are interested you are definitely welcome to follow my food journey on both accounts**)

So that's it. Nothing crazy. Just a few tweaks to help heal, fuel, and nourish my body.
This is all a work in progress, but I am hoping to make 2013 my Healthiest Year yet!
Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,