Wednesday, 13 March 2013

WIAW - My Favourite Salad

It is that time again - What I Ate Wednesday. And this month #WIAW is going Green! So decided to share my new favourite salad recipe with you all! It is really Yummy, really Easy, and packed with Veggie Power. Check! Check! And Check!

My Mexican Fiesta Salad

I eat this for lunch. So I prep enough bean to top my salad all week - since that is the most time consuming part. And then I roast a fresh sweet potato daily. But if you are making this for your family just use the same amount of beans, add a small sweet potato, a carrot, and an additional cup of spinach per person. (ie. 4 servings = 4 sweet potatoes, 4 carrots grated, and 4 cups of spinach)

1/2 cup of Red Beans
1/2 cup of Black Beans
1 Sweet Potato cut into thick wedge
1 cup of Spinach
1 carrot grated

1. Cook the beans over night in the crock pot on low with 3 cups of water and a bay leaf. You will have enough beans prepared to have them on top of your salad all week.
2. Place the sweet potato wedges on a baking sheet with a tsp of oil, and roast at 400 for 10 minutes. Flip and finish roasting for an addition 7 minutes.
3. Line plate with 1 cup of spinach, top with roasted sweet potatoes, carrot, and cooked beans (on day 2 just reheat the beans in the microwave) and drizzle Chipotle sauce and a dash of salt on top to serve.


Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,