Thursday, 21 March 2013

TRI-ing to Figure Out What to Wear?!

Who is excited for Race Season?! 
ME!!!!!!! Just 3 measly week til my VERY FIRST Race of 2013. So close now, I can taste it! I am so READY!

I have spent the last few weeks floating around in la-la land. Day-dreaming about Races and Triathlons. Smelling of chlorine. Sweating it out in Spin Class. And bouncing along to my girlie-pop music on my weekly runs. But then it hit me... What the heck am I supposed to wear?!

The whole Triathlon-thing is new to me. I have loads of running shoes, and running clothes for every occasion, but what does a girl wear to a Triathlon?

So I did what always do when I don't know the answer to these sorts of questions - I Googled it and then dilly-dallied on Pinterest. This is the picture that came up....
Okay so I am all for loving your body and rocking that swimsuit loud and proud...But the truth is all I could think was how sore my butt was gonna be riding 30km in a wet bathing suit. And the wedgie I was sure to get running 5km in it after. Oh and the mondo unflattering race pictures I was going to have. This simply was not going to fly for me. No way! There had to be a better option. And preferably a cute one too.

A Fashion-Forward, Stylish, Womens-Only TRI-gear company!

Yes! Totally Winning at Life with this find, RIGHT?!

Melissa Moo is the companies creator and designer. She mixed her degree from Parsons School of Design with her love of Triathlons and Sport and came up with MooMotion. Not only is her gear adorable, but she definitely knows her stuff performance-wise as well. She has completed several marathons and is a three-time Ironman finisher (<--- full on ROCKSTAR status in my book). And if that wasn't enough she is so TRI CRAZY that after she and her husband raced in the 2010 Lake Placid Ironman they got married at the finish line! Now that is serious commitment to your sport. And it's that kind of crazy attitude that makes me love her even more!

I have tried out 2 of her of outfits during training the past few weeks, and I am officially in LOVE. The padded-booty made a huge difference in my spin class. And the I was wedgie-free on my training run! And the best news, it can been worn in all 3 legs of the race! The fit and fabric is built for speed and distance through water and land. And her gear fits true to size.  

Melissa and MooMotion are new and up-and-coming, so she want to help share the Triathlon Fashion Fun. For the next month March 20th -April 20th Melissa is offering Free Shipping to all of my US-based readers!! Yay cute TRI-gear for everyone!

Use Discount Code - DarwinianTRI to get Free Shipping on your order
(*please note that the Discount Code is case sensitive) 

I have the answer to my triathlon fashion question. And I must admit I feel like a Hardcore Triathlete when I put on my new gear - confidence is a huge part of racing equation right?! So if you are also stumped, I definitely reccommend you check her out!

You can find MooMotion... 

Let's get TRI-ing!
Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,



  1. Insanely jealous of your triathlon gear!!! The outfits are extremely cute :) Love it!

  2. Looks great! Wearing the same thing the whole race is key. You don't want to spend a lot of time during transitions bc that factors into your total time. I bet you are going to get hooked! Tris are so much fun!!

  3. I can't imagine wearing the padded shorts for a run - I always feel like I've got on the biggest pad ever LOL. But I know there are so many different levels of padding too and such fun gear! That red/black suit is super cute on you. Even though I don't do tris, I think I'd love one of the tops that you can run in then immediately dive into a pool in during the hot summer runs.

  4. Very very very cool looking!!! How exciting for you!

  5. What cute stuff! It's funny...I go way back in triathlon and so last year was the very first year I ever wore an actual tri suit. Prior to that? Always a bathing suit. It actually was just fine, but now that I've worn a tri suit, I know what I was missing!

  6. So cute! Isn't it funny how you throw on my cute running shoes & a cute outfit & you suddenly feel like this awesome athlete!!!

  7. So good to know about. I am going to be doing my first sprint tris this summer and need to figure out something that I can wear. I like these!

  8. So cool!! FITS you great too! :)

  9. That's super cute!! Love Melissa's story. And yay!! So excited for you and your race!

  10. that tri gear looks great on you!!! good luck with all of the training lady!

  11. Oh shoot. I didn't even think about this aspect of signing up for a triathlon. Geez. I signed up for one May 5th. I gotta get on this...

  12. Ahhh girl you look so freaking cute in these little tri outfits! I am so proud of you and all your training thus far. You are killing it!

  13. Are you wearing a wet suit? I've seen some triathlons where the swimmers are in wet suits and others where they are not/