Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Resting, Recovery, and Rebuilding

It has been 6 weeks since my last surgery, and I am actually feeling really good. I am getting around really well now. My energy levels have been restored. And I am slowly but surely trying to get my body back to where it was before all of the medical drama-rama.

Recovery is a strange and complicated thing. And something I think is very difficult for most people to understand - unless you have been there yourself. My goal first and foremost for this month is to Train Smart, Be Patient, and Rebuild Slowly. A proper recovery requires you walk the fine-line between giving your body enough rest and pushing yourself enough to rebuild but not re-injure. It is balancing act, but I think I have come up with a plan that fits the bill. And to be honest, for me getting back into my training routine means that I am just getting back to normal.

Operation Fix a Heart was my 3rd surgery in 11 months. So to say that this body has been put through the ringer this past year is a HUGE understatement. And despite my initial reaction - which is always dive head first into training - I have made a promise to my body to be patient, nurturing, and rebuild slowly this time around.

I have discussed my training and my ambitious goals for this year with my medical team. And while I have been giving the green light to train again, there are a few things they would like me to keep in mind as I ease back into training...

Upper Body is a No-No and Keep Impact to a Minimum

In order to access my robot heart and secure its placement - they had to make an incision in the muscle. Then essentially my ICD was moved to the right and secured in place by stitching everything to my ribs. Obviously the muscle is still healing. And the scar tissue that will ultimately ensure the ideal placement for my robot ticker is still forming. So the less movement and trauma to the site - the better.

Here is my New Three Point Plan...

This months training is primarily focused on the Pool with 2-3 workouts a week. I will be incorporating a combination of Pool Running and Lower-Body Lengths into my weekly routine. The water ensures that the impact and movement usually involved in running is negated, and it will also help me prep for the swimming element of my Triathlon. The pool will help me rebuild the muscle and endurance I lost over the last 2 months, so I am better prepared to tackle running more seriously in the future.

I will also be heading to my favourite Hybrid Spin/Yoga Studio - Spynga once a week for an Endurance Spin Class. This workout is again lower body focused, and centers around rebuilding my endurance and Triathlon prep. Nothing like starting off your day with a wicked sweat-fest while rocking out to a fantastic playlist - this class is probably the highlight of my week!

And then there is Running - my first love - this is going to be a work in progress. My goal is to gradually increase my mileage to 10km by the end of the month. But it will not be my primary training focus. I will only be running 1-2 short runs a week. No attention will be paid to speed, and again training will be focused on rebuilding strength and endurance. The goal is to establish a solid base this month to build from in the future.

So that's it! I would love to hear your thoughts?
Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,