Sunday, 17 March 2013

Live Lean Meltdown!

It is no secret over here on this little blog, but this girl loves to run. And lately she also loves to bike and swim. Truth is I really just love to generally get my sweat on. But try as I might, I struggle to get excited about Strength Training.

I have written about my need for balance and desire to incorporate strength training into my routine several times. And I think I started to get on track with the addition of Crossfit into my regular routine. But once I start to get serious about distance - cardio seems to consume all of workouts. And my attempts at strength training fall by the wayside. I have yet to achieve symmetry in my routine.

I have learned some things over that last year though. And this year I am going for a Sub-5 Marathon along with my first Triathlon - both feats of strength that require endurance and some serious muscle too. Muscle being the big thing I seem to lack...especially post-op.

But I am training smarter this time around, all with the help of my Fitfluential Friend, Personal Trainer, and Live Lean Creator Brad Gouthro. So if it wasn't obvious from the requisite ab-shot below - Brad knows his stuff when it comes to all things strength and muscle related.
And when Brad offered a sneak peak of his new Live Lean Meltdown series, not only was I happy to spread some Fitfluential love but I was game to try something new. He was in the process of launching his at-home "no equipment" DVD workout program, and he gave me the chance to put it to the test. So for the past few days I have been incorporating Brad's new series into my training routine, and LOVING IT!

The series is built around the "Main Event" - a high intensity 30 min strength training workout along with 8 other 4-5 min quick burning sessions. Because of their efficiency I have found them easy to incorporate into regular schedule. And the 5 minute sessions are a perfect way to cap off my regular cardio sessions. I feel like this is something I can maintain even when I start to really ramp up the distance. This just might be the elusive balance I am search for?! 

Brad's New Live Lean Meltdown Series Launches Today! And if you are looking for fabulous new way to sweat on, I highly recommend you check it out! 

And if that wasn't enough Brad is offering a 3 day only discount of 40% OFF. For a one time sale price of $27! Pretty good Right?! Hope you guys will give Brad some love!

Love your Favourite Darwinian Fail,



  1. I'm so glad I came by your blog today! While I do strength training, I have reached a plateau and need something new. This is my first time visiting and look forward to reading more!

  2. Thanks for the love Krysten! Lets #LiveLean ... #LLMD style!

  3. I saw your tweet and am SO EAGER to hear what you think about Brad's program. He rocks.

  4. I echo the above comments but have also been meaning to check out the FF thread on this. I love my traditional weight workouts as you know but I always love to see & learn new things.... THX!!! You looked beautiful in your Instagram pics for the photo shoot!

  5. Brad is awesome and so are you! :)

  6. Can't wait to hear what you think!

  7. Can't wait to see/hear what you think of the program! I have a soft spot for strength training. I LOVE running, but I am starting to LOVE the weights.

  8. I absolutely adore your hat with the hearts on it!! Where is it from???