Thursday, 28 February 2013

My 1st Swim Clinic

Well it is official - as of Sunday afternoon - my Triathlon journey has begun! I made my way to Milton for my very first Swim Clinic.

The Ontario Women's Triathlon series is meant to be a starting point for beginners. The main objective is just to get women out there and moving, all by challenging themselves through sport. So this series is ideal for first-timers - which is perfect - because that is exactly what I am. Running has been my focus for the past year. And while I used to swim competitively in high school - that was over a decade ago now. And open water racing is something that I have never done. So I knew I had a lot to learn.
So Impressed with the turn out!
I spent the majority of the 2 hours on the sidelines, as official clinic photographer and just taking it all in. Upper-body movement/training is still a big no-no for this post-op recovery gal, so I just listened to advice and techniques offered safely from the deck while cheering on the ladies in the pool. (**Nerd-Alert I even took notes! So I can mimic the drills/techniques they used in a couple months**)
Safe and Dry on the Pool Deck
The ladies in the pool, however, had a totally different experience. They left after finishing a kick-butt 2 hour pool workout. Whew! After a brief introduction, Q&A, and warm up everyone was in the pool. The coaches took everyone through drills, talked technique, and the full workshop really tested everyone's endurance. I was impressed and definitely found myself longing to join everyone in the pool (<--- patience has never been a virtue of mine).

More than anything though, I was reminded how AMAZING women truly are. A little community formed almost instantly and we all bonded over our shared love of sport. In between drills you could hear women cheering each other on, supporting one another, laughing, and rocking the essence of GIRL POWER at its finest. (**Yes, I am of the Spice Girl generation. Don't Judge**)

My first clinic reminded me that Sport is not about age or size or even natural ability. It reminded me that Sport goes so much deeper than speed, distance, or PRs. Sport is a lesson in strength, determination, and the true definition of health. Sport creates a community of positive supportive people all working together to get stronger and be healthier. And Sport teaches us to love our ourselves and our bodies for what it can do, not what it looks like. It reminded me why I do this.

Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,


  1. there is nothing like that SISTERHOOD.


  2. Also of the spice girl generation. :)
    Glad to see that you are learning a lot even though your upper body movements are restricted right now. I am sure that once you get in the pool, it will be easier because of these efforts!

  3. I love this! Girl power for sure. I am a spice girl fan too lol!

  4. That last paragraph says it Krystan - you are so amazing & all those women are too! Love this & so exciting for you!

  5. Tell me what you want, what you really, really want!!!
    I want to learn how to swim efficiently! I sink easily. Maybe my husband and I will end up at a base with a pool in the future. And then he can finally fulfill one of the promises he made when we were dating, that he would teach me how to swim properly!
    Glad you're itching to get back at it- that's a sign of healing and feeling better!

  6. Awesome girl! I used to swim competitively too, I'm still a good swimmer but would be so nervous to swim in open water with tons of people - good luck! You'll kick butt when you can get in the pool! :)

  7. I didn't know you swam in high school! Very cool (my son is a swimmer). That will come back to you quickly, I'm sure.

    So agree--if the world was left in the hands of women, it could be one supportive, peaceful place!

  8. We're so glad you were able to join us, learn lots and most importantly have FUN! GIRL POWER!

  9. This is great!! Love all the GIRL POWER!

  10. So excited for you tackling a triathlon! The swim is by far the hardest least for me. This will be so much fun to train with these women. What a great support group!

  11. OMG I give you SOOOOO MUCH CREDIT! A triathalon to me is SO OUT OF REACH - I could never do it!!! I am rooting for you, hard core! :)

  12. I loved the SpiceGirls! I still can't not beebop my head and sing along when I hear their songs!
    Swimming is definitely on the long term list of goals of mine. I think that it's amazing how quickly a bond is formed when a sport brings complete strangers together. Jess at RUnladylike made a post about the magical running bond, but I'm pretty sure it accounts towards most endurance sports. We all understand each other and what makes us tick to want to do this! I'm excited to follow along in your training!

  13. Are you going to swim AND read your notes? Must be super duper strong paper like your super duper strong DRIVE.

    So excited for you.

  14. You go Spice! Love that you cheer for others until you can get in the pool too ;)

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