Saturday, 12 January 2013

Strong is Sexy Shout Out

So you all have been rocking our #Distance13 Challenge. It has been so amazing watching all of your progress this past week. I am stuck at home - kicking it on the couch - so I have been living vicariously through you all and your miles and your races.

We posed the challenge and guys have delivered! And this week I want to share some of the Strong and Sexy progress being made by some AMAZING folks!

Congrats to Jackie! She has been kicking butt on this month's #Distance13 challenge, and she just PR-ed her most recent half marathon. She rock it her 13.1 miles with a time of 2:23:12! So proud of you girlie! Looking Strong and Sexy with that race medal chickie!
Huge Shout Out goes Xander who is all geared up for a triumphant 10km this spring! He is all registered for the Sporting Life 10km and has been rocking some snowy runs in preparation. Braving those elements is Strong and Sexy! Work it!

Welcome to party Jenn! Jenn has committed to running 10 miles this week! You can do it! Go the Distance!

And Strong and Sexy shout out goes to Steph who literally went the extra mile this week! Way to rock this 5.5 miles! So proud of you!

So Proud of Everyone this week! And I hope you all have a Strong and Sexy Weekend!
I love hear what you are up to and all about your progress. So don't be shy about sharing your success and join the fun and you could be featured here next week!

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Let's do this people!         
Because Strong is Sexy and being Healthy is Fabulous!
Love your Favourite Darwinian Fail,