Thursday, 17 January 2013

My New 2013 Race Schedule

You know you are officially a Runner when the first two thoughts that go through your head when you find out your going in for another surgery are...
1. How is this going to affect my race plans, and
2. That's why running that marathon was so difficult

It sounds crazy, but as I sat there discussing my symptoms and the next steps with my surgeon, these were the things I was thinking. A triumphant return to the Chilly Half was out. And there would be no Spring marathon for this girl. But the fact is my body never really healed following my last surgery. So try as I might to strength train, up my protein, and log those miles I was always at a disadvantage. I was always battling against my little bionic body.

But this time around we are going to get it right. My robot heart will be placed in a new pocket and that pesky wire will be tucked away. And my silicon tatas will be reconfigured, so everything can heal up right. This time I am going to come back Strong and Healthy. And this time I am going to run sub-5 marathon!

So after making some changes, here's my New 2013 Race Plan...

April 6 - Harry's Spring Run Off 5k
This is will be my first race back, so it will just be for fun. No crazy goal times. I am just going to finish it (potentially with some walking, depending on how recovery goes).

This is one of the first local races I ever ran, and the first one I ever documented here on my little blog. The energy at this run was AMAZING and it was very well organized. So this year I am definitely going back. And I think I may have even recruited my husband and few friends to join me on this one.

May 5 - Toronto Goodlife Half Marathon
So this was originally going to be Marathon #2. But that is just not realistic anymore. Instead of running the full. I will be running half. I have no great expectations for this one. I just want to run it. I just want to rebuild my strength and increase my endurance post-op. Oh and just have FUN!

This is lining up to be epic Fitfluential weekend! Pavement Runner has confirmed his attendance! And we are in the process of recruiting several other awesome folks to come run with us as well (I am looking at you Candy Fit, Christina, and Lindsay). So this race will just be my reintroduction to distance running and my goal post-op run. And with friends like these joining me, I know it is going to be AMAZING!

June 15 - Met Con Blue Adventure Race
I am pretty sure Team Insane Pain is planning to make a repeat appearance for this years Met Con Blue Race. There is even some talk that we are gonna push it to the limit and go for the Full Metal Jacket 10km. EEP! The distance is not 100% decided yet, but I know I will definitely be there.

July 20 - Warrior Dash
Team Awesome is heading back to Barrie for this year's Warrior Dash. We are signed up, with a few new Team Members in tow. And I am going to run hills like crazy to prep for those crazy inclines. If you want to join us, we are in the 10 AM heat!

September 22 - Island Girl Half Marathon
This is a women's only race - which is something I have always wanted to run! It is out on Toronto Island - which will be a fun change of pace. It is a flat double loop course - so I am racing this one! You read it here first, I am gunning for 2 hour PR! This one is for REAL!

And with a month in between this race and my marathon, I will have time to recover and taper before I tackle that dreaded 26.2!

October 27 - Niagara Falls International Marathon
This is it! This will be Marathon #2. And I will run it in under 5! It is going to be epic! I will cross that finish line smiling, rocking out to girlie-pop, and completely triumphant. It's happening!

So surgery or not, I got this!
Let's Do This People.

Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,