Sunday, 6 January 2013

Being a Cyborg is Hard

I had a great post all planned for you guys today. It was supposed to be all about the 65km I ran last week. It was supposed to be about my fabulous weekend - watching En Vogue with my best friends and visiting with family. It was supposed to be about starting 2013 balanced and healthy.

But none of that was to be...

I didn't do any of those things this weekend. In fact I spent most of it on the couch, snuggling my ever faithful pup, and trying very hard to keep the tears at bay.

Sometimes Being a Cyborg is Hard.

And now is one of those times.

When I wrote about that pesky wire and the less than ideal placement of Penelope (aka my robot heart) a few weeks back - I knew I was on borrowed time. I just hoped and prayed with all my might that the time I had to borrow would last a little while.

But life often has other plans for me. And if I have learned anything from my many medical misadventures it is to assume nothing and accept that you are never in control.

On Friday, after a delightful meet-up with Miss Candy Fit herself, and gushing about how excited I was to start 2013 healthy, I felt a pop. I told myself not to panic. I took a deep breathe. Calmly walked home. And gentlely tried to push my robot heart back into place. Everything was swollen and bruised by that point, and I knew I needed to see my Cardio Team ASAP.

After several phone calls with the clinic coordinator, the pacemaker techs, and finally the cardiologist on-call, we decided I should just come in. And while we decided the problem didn`t require immediate action, it was now a game of wait-and-see.

Today I head back in to see my regular cardio crew and discuss where we go from here. After a quiet weekend there has been little to no improvement. Surgery is back on the table - though I am really hoping for another alternative. And there are a lot of questions that need to be answered. Time will tell where this latest misadventure will take me.

Wish me luck. And think Happy Heart thoughts.
Love your Favourite Darwinian Fail,