Thursday, 20 December 2012

Tell me about your 2012

So last week my adorable virtual run coach Miss Zippy post a running survey asking us to share our running adventures from this past year. I love this idea and simply couldn't resist joining in the fun!

Best Race Experience:
Hmmm this year was pretty huge for me in terms of racing, but not every experience was rainbows and lollypops. So I think I would have to pick The Midsummer's Night Run back in August. This was my first distance race back after surgery, it had great spirit, it was for Sick Kids Hospital, I ran it in my goal time, and I felt strong.

Best Run:
Was probably my 10km Run from last Wednesday. I got my mojo back. I ran fast and strong. And I finished feeling happy and free. It was just perfect!

Best New Piece of Gear:
I have been loving all my new Oiselle gear. But my favourite piece would have to be my Start Line Tee because it's comfortable and reminds me of the progress that I have made this year.

Best Piece of Running Advice I Recieved:
Run YOUR race. It not about competing with other people, running is all about competing with yourself.

Most Inspiration Runner:
This is so hard, because honestly there are so many people I look to for inspiration. Two of my favourites though, are probably Pavement Runner - who consistently racks up the miles and ran his first ultra, and NYC Running Mama (another one of my virtual run coaches) who runs faster at 9 months pregnant than I can on my best day.

Sum up 2012 in a few words:

How was your year?!
Love your Favourite Darwinian Fail,


    My year could be summed up on one word.
    I finally found my love of the yoga.

  2. Awww! Thank you SO much for including me in this, Krysten =) You are seriously, so sweet!!

    So happy for all you accomplished in 2012 - you are an inspiration to so many people (myself included). 2013 is only going to be better for you!!!

  3. In one word my year can be defined by consistency :-)

  4. NYCRunningmama and Pavey are pretty awesome! You have had a phenomenal year! I am excited to see where 2013 takes you :)

  5. Run YOUr race. Best advice ever.

  6. I love your advice and I totally forget that I'm only competing with myself sometimes - thanks for reminding me it's about ME, and no one else :). <3

  7. Love your two picks for inspirational runners. And I'd add you in there, too! What a great year you've had and what big things are coming your way in 2013!

    Thanks for answering!

  8. Michelle is so inspiring! You had such an amazing year, Krysten. I love your advice to run YOUR race. I'm hosting a link up of recaps today, feel free to add yours! :)

  9. Love this list - I might have to do it too!! :) Can't wait to see what you accomplish running next year!

  10. Thanks. The inspiration flows both ways. I may have some good news for you after the new year. Maybe. Maybe.

  11. Love this Krysten! It's definitely been an unforgettable year, huh?

  12. What an amazing year for you! I love your approach to running and I'm psyched for you in your crossfit ventures as well as your running goals for 2013!

  13. what a great list! and i have to agree, run your race! and you my friend are inspirational!

  14. So cool!!! Based on what you go thru each & every day & how you have overcome, I will not say the "truth". I have had a lot of wonderful times, especially with the trip my sis took us on to Hawaii.. but in general, it has been a tough year with family losses & other stuff.. BUT all is good. Every day is a new day! :)

  15. You had a great 2012! I like that it's all positive memories here! :D

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