Thursday, 13 December 2012

Running Mojo and My 2013 Race Plans

It has taken 8 long months of recovery, but I went out for a 10km Run on Tuesday and found my Running Mojo again! I felt strong. I ran fast. And I felt like I could keep going. There were no back spasms part way through. My chest didn't ache. My core was strong. And I finally felt like myself again.
I came home sweaty, cold, flushed with excitement and smiling! I crush my 10km time. I ran 8:36 average mile, a pace have not seen since last January. And I buzzed around on a complete runner's high for the rest of day. I am BACK BABY!! FINALLY!!!

I know that all of my healing won't be complete until March, but we are getting there. Patience and Persistence really does pay off. And now that I am back it is time to plan, plan, plan! As we inch closer and closer to the holidays we also inch closer to another year and another race season! I have hinted that I have got some big things up for my sleeve for 2013, so here is the plan.

March 3 - Burlington Chilly Half Marathon
I am returning to scene of the crime. This is where my distance running journey all began, so I am excited to run this race a second time. As long as the weather cooperates (it is the middle of winter in Canada) I am going to push hard for a PR. I would love to run a 2 hour half. I run best in the cold weather, so I will be training hard to make this happen.

May 5 - Toronto Goodlife Marathon
Yep. It is happening. I am planning to run Marathon #2. I want that finish I longed for the first time around. So I am hoping with more healing time, a slightly different training approach, and a better understanding of what I am getting myself into that I can get that Marathon experience I dreamed of. 4:30 is likely too ambitious considering my previous Marathon attempt, so I am just gunning for a sub-5 finish this time around.

I am also secretly (*ha not so secretly*) hoping Pavement Runner is gonna come visit his Canadian buddies for a little Marathon fun and donut action during this one too!

June 15 - Met Con Blue Adventure Race
I am pretty sure Team Insane Pain is planning to make a repeat appearance for this years Met Con Blue Race. There is even some talk that we are gonna push it to the limit and go for the Full Metal Jacket 10km. EEP! The distance is not 100% decided yet, but I know I will definitely be going back for this one.

July 20 - Warrior Dash
Team Awesome is heading back to Barrie for this year's Warrior Dash. We are signed up, with a few new Team Members in tow. And I am going to run hills like crazy to prep for those crazy inclines.

October - Niagara Falls International Marathon
I am not sure if I have 2 marathons in me for 2013, but I am giving it some serious thought. I will definitely be running the Niagara Falls International Series though. Half or Full? Not sure yet. But at this ambitious optimistic point I am thinking Full Marathon #3. That being said, let's see how #2 goes first, shall we?!

So there you have it friends! 2013!
I am working hard to make this year my healthiest happiest year yet!
Let's Do This People.
Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,