Monday, 10 December 2012

Musical #Motivation Monday - Catch My Breath

During all of our moving madness at the beginning of this month I had to take a break from packing boxes to squeeze in some regular robot heart maintenance. My heart is happy and my pacemaker is ticking right along.
But no doctor’s appointment of mine would be complete without a little misadventure. Some red flags were raised about where my little robot ticker has decided to settle after my latest surgery. I have mentioned that I have had some bruising and swelling post-op (link). And there is also a suspicious wire protruding from my left side now.

While this wire obviously ups my cyborg cool factor credibility, it is also something we have to keep an eye on. If that area becomes inflamed or irritated then it is possible that may break through the skin. EEP! And besides another surgery, there is no other way fix this little flub. So…since I am not willing to head down road again just yet, we are just gonna cross our fingers and hope for the best.
So while I silently plead with Penelope (*yes, that’s her name*) to stay put in there. I am also struggling to stay present. I found my thoughts drifting toward panic stricken territory. Questioning when this next medical misadventure will grace us with its presence and losing myself in a sea of worry.
This week as I try to quiet my mind, focus on this moment of health (no matter how brief or how long), and get motivated I decided that a musical pop mantra is definitely required. Enter pop diva Kelly Clarkson and her new single “Catch My Breath” because that is exactly what I need to do.  Just Breathe.

Catch my breath, won’t let them get me down.
It’s all so simple now.

Addicted to the love I found
Heavy heart, now it’s a weightless cloud
Making time for the ones that count
I’ll spend the rest of my time
Laughing hard with the windows down
Leaving footprints all over town
Keeping faith kinda comes around
I’ll spend the rest of my life

Catching my breath, letting it go turning my cheek for the sake of the show
Now that you know, this is my life, I won’t be told what’s supposed to be right

This week I am going to Breathe Deep, Stay Present, and Embrace this Moment for all that it is.
Let’s all tackle this week with gusto and leave the worrying for another day.
Love your Favourite Darwinian Fail,