Monday, 17 December 2012

#Motivation Monday - Message from Your Heart

It is no secret that me and my little ticker have a tumultuous relationship. I get frustrated with all of the special attention is requires, the ongoing medical misadventures, and all of the necessary maintenance. That being said, it is easy to focus the negatives, and ignore the way my heart takes care of me everyday (*even if it does need a robot assistance*). 

My ticker is there for me every step of the way. And defective or not, it has allowed me to start distance running, including running my first half and full marathon this year. The things I have acheived this year are things that I would have never thought possible when I received my inital diagnosis. And things my cardio team still gets excited to hear about. It is so easy to forget how hard it works for me day in and day out. And it is a lot stronger than I give it credit for.

This adorable song by Kina Grannis is just the extra kick and necessary reminder that I needed. I needed to hear this message from my heart. (**Listen to this as you read on. You will love it. I dare you not to smile**)

Don't break me. I bruise easily. The source of both your love and misery. I am steady beating endlessly.
This year I have asked a lot of my defective little ticker. And everytime it rised to the occasion. My heart has been a source of sadness, frustration, and pain for the last decade. But it has also allowed me to live this beautiful life than I am so so grateful for. It has been my constant companion, working hard, and beating endlessly.

I don't work for free. Please take care of me.
It easy to take your body for granted. To expect it to work hard, but forget to thank it for all it does for you each and every day. I started running and leading this lifestyle as a way to keep my heart happy and healthy. You always get back what you put in, so this is my promise to always to care of you.

This is a message from your heart. Your most devoted body part. Taking blood and making art. This is a message from your heart. Pounding away into the dark. You could thank me for a start. This is a message from your heart.
Your heart is always working for you. Beating, Pounding, Pumping. It is there for you in ways that you don't even notice. Mine might need a little robot assistance, but it is strong and steady. And it is always there for me. For all of that, and for this life that I have been blessed with - I am saying "Thank You" with all that I have.

So as this year draws to a close, I am making my HEART a priority. I want to keep my heart, healthy and happy during the holidays. So my goal is to add extra miles into my routine to thank my for heart for all that it does and keep it feeling strong during the holidays. I will be running 50km a week for the next 2 weeks as an Ode to Hearts (both robot and non). You can follow along my weekly progress on the Daily Mile or just check out that little widget on the side there for running updates (<-----). And you are welcome to join the fun.

2013 is all about feeling strong and being healthy! So don't forget to thank your heart this holiday season. Remember Strong is Sexy and Healthy is Fabulous!
Love your Favourite Darwinian Fail,