Thursday, 27 December 2012

Lessons in Beauty and Boxing Day Shopping

As we all start talking New Year's Resolutions, diets, gym routines, and starting the year off right - its important to remember that all those changes should come from a place of  love and health, not deprivation and guilt. Let's be healthy in 2013 - inside and out. 

Scene from Boxing Day Shopping:
A Mother shopping with her beautiful 4 year old daughter.
The daughter is bright, bold, and spirited. She loves pink and adores her Mama. She exudes a zest for life that can’t be captured. She is exploring the world around her. She is curious. She is watching your every move and taking it all in.
Mom looks in the mirror and sighs. She sucks in her stomach as she turns. She skipped lunch, but still isn’t happy with what she sees. She looks longingly at the 6 pack stomach that graces the cover of magazine by the cash. Laments about her thighs, how her body has changed since she had children, and how much she had to eat over the holidays.
What she’ll remember:
That her body is a measure of her self-worth. And that her mind and spirit are secondary. That we exercise to achieve some unattainable standard, not to be strong and healthy. And that when her body betrays her she deserved to be punished and deprived because she is simply not enough as she is.
Remember she is always watching. Teach her to love herself.
Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,


  1. I love this post.... It definitely starts from inside and I actually had a mini epiphany this morning regarding this sentiment of feeling comfortable and loving YOU without all the extras (makeup,clothes,primping)
    Having a little to be a role model for makes it just that much more important!

  2. As the mother to a daughter I am striving every day to set a good example for her. We MOVE together all day. My husband and I take her on our runs, to the gym, etc. to hopefully inspire her to want to MOVE as she grows up. For us, it's not about the looks aspect but rather the health aspect. I want her to be confident in her body and know that it is strong. Love this post.

  3. LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So important that we realize that children listen, hear & see all. Thank you for this wonderful post!!!!

  4. Oh Krysten. That's a powerful reminder and something that I've been thinking about a lot lately. And you are absolutely right - those changes and resolutions need to come from a place of love and health and not guilt. xox

  5. This is what i saw as a child and I can tell you it definitely had some very long term negative impacts on me. It's part of why I am trying so hard to spread different messages from the site :)

  6. I make it a point to tell my daughter at least one thing I love about her each day - sometimes it's something simple like "I love hearing your laugh" or "Your curly hair is extra bouncy & fabulous today" :) I want her to know that I love her just as she is and she should as well!


  7. Awesome post! I am also constantly aware of what I do and say to my daughter and try not to focus on one body feature when I compliment her AND to make sure it isn't always a body feature that looks nice. Yes, I will tell her I love her smile or hair but I will also tell her she is smart, or did great problem solving. She is more than an image. She has an amazing mind and beauty runs deep.

    I had to share you post today too on my fb page. :)

  8. Love this! I grew up watching my Mom perpetually dieting. It's up to our generation to break the cycle!

  9. Thank you for sharing this. I've always been told when people think I'm gaining or losing weight since I've been young.... I got over that and quickly learned that being healthy is for ME and not for anyone else.... Hopefully I'm helping others realize the same! :)

  10. Love this post(as always!) xo Tara